Movable Type Monday: Conference Call, Interviews and Proposals

When first compiling my list of links for this week’s Movable Type Monday, I thought last week was quite quiet. Turns out I was wrong with a significant refactoring to major code coming in beta 5 of Movable Type Open Source (MTOS) 4.15 as well as several interviews and announcements by members in the MTOS community.

Welcome to Movable Type Monday!
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Movable Type Monday: Movable Type Day, PostOffice and MTOS 4.15b4

When writing last week’s Movable Type Monday, I decided to save a few items for this week to prevent them from getting overshadowed by Six Apart’s announcement of their new Services and Media divisions. This week, I’ll be looking at a number of exciting plugins that have released, the announcement of MT Day as well as some of the new features in the latest MT 4.15 beta.

Welcome to another Movable Type Monday!
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Movable Type Monday Exclusive: Interview with Anil Dash on Six Apart Services and Media divisions

This weekend saw a tremendous amount of activity from the Movable Type Open Source (MTOS) community with a new beta release, new plugins and community updates to the documentation. The biggest news of all, however, was the rumours that Six Apart had made a “game-changing” acquisition. Shortly after TechCrunch posted this rumour, I got in touch with Anil Dash, Vice President and Chief Evangelist at Six Apart, to get more details. Keep reading for exclusive information on this deal and what it means for the company, and most importantly, Movable Type.

Welcome to a special Movable Type Monday!
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Movable Type Weekly News Wrapup

Ever since Lorelle began her “WordPress Wednesday” series, I’ve been eager to see a similar column for Movable Type which is why I’m particularly excited to be writing here today! Before I dive into Movable Type news, let me briefly introduce myself. I’ve been an active member of the Movable Type community, having written a number of popular plugins, co-founding The Style Contest/Archive and building the new plugins directory.

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