Introducing Dan Karleen

We’re proud to introduce yet another talented contributor into our pool of writers here at the Blog Herald. Please join me in welcoming Dan Karleen.

Dan Karleen is into online product management, developing new media products for Peterson’s, while he has been blogging for them for two years as editor of Syndication for Higher Ed– on topics at the intersection of higher education, new media, and marketing. [Read more…]

Winner of the Blog Herald Gift 2007

In the spirit of the New Year, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in our gift giving contest and despite the dozens of entries we had to sift thru, we were forced to break a tie between two really promising blogs that we felt showed the essence of what sharing and giving is all about.

So, the winner of the $200 New Year’s gift is … [Read more…]

Uncut Video Of Saddam Hussein Execution Seen Across The Web

Despite the express wish of the Iraqi Government that the only footage shown of Saddam Hussein’s execution- be limited to the point where the noose was placed over Hussein’s head and tightened around his neck (with no audio), a full, uncut video, including “the drop” is going around the web like wildfire. Taken by a cellphone, it is showing on Netscape, and the story has already been “dugg” in a variety of ways, including how the cellphone was sneaked in.

[Read more…]

Dave Cameron: The Archetypal Politician Of New Media

There is no doubt that politicians around the world are getting wise to the benefits of using new media and in 2007 we’re likely to see this phenomenon truly take center stage. Just recently, John Edwards announced his presidential candidacy on YouTube and many of his US counterparts are quickly trying to harness their own online campaigns in a variety of ways.

No better example exists of a modern politician using the internet to get his message across, than with the UK Conservative Party Leader, Dave Cameron. [Read more…]

Last Chance To Win $200

We’ve had a great response to our post announcing our seasonal gift of $200 and a year’s link from the Blog Herald- to a deserving blog.

Last chance to enter or propose a blog is tonight, midnight– Pacific Standard Time.

The winner will be announced on January 2nd, after we have researched all the entries tomorrow and cast our respective votes.

Here is wishing all who have entered the best of luck, and to everyone- a very Happy New Year and Prosperous 2007!!