Why Guest Blogging is Useless for Link Building

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Guest posting NOT for linksThis is a guest post is by Ann Smarty, founder of a community of guest bloggers: My Blog Guest and first contribution as part of a new My Blog Guest – Splashpress Media partnership.

I used to be highly advocative of guest blogging as an effective link building strategy. I used to tell people that this way they could get a quality link back from a high-authority website for free. I used to say, these links (coming from high-quality content) are well-deserved and thus can’t be frowned upon by Google.

But now I wish I hadn’t said that.

Like many other things done online to promote yourself, the concept of guest blogging as the way to build links is being so much abused that it makes me shudder.

People go around spreading poor-quality content (even paying sometimes to get it posted on the blog) and call that “guest posting”. They send spam guest posting pitches and tell you they would “guest post for you for free” (never trust a spammer offering you anything for free. Spammers have nothing of value to offer!).

Now I am telling you: Don’t build links using guest posts. Forget about links. [Read more…]

The Ten Steps To Arranging and Writing a Killer Guest Post

Killer guest postTo me, guest posting has been by far the most effective free way to promote a resource (as well as my brand). That wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that everything I have ever achieved in my online career was due to my guest posts. I wouldn’t like anyone to think about guest posting as a link building (or SEO) tool though. There is much more behind the tactic. It builds long-term contacts, exposes your resources to a wide interested audience, promotes your brand and expertise, and many more. But yes, it takes much time and effort and is only effective when taken seriously. So the aim of this post is to actually describe this serious approach to guest blogging step by step – to make sure the tactic works for you.

Step 1: Search for guest posting opportunities

Unless you are about to start guest posting on a weekly basis, spotting a promising guest posting opportunity shouldn’t be a problem for you. Most niches have high-profile blogs that are known for accepting guest posts (and frequently featuring them). For social-media-relates topics this is Mashable, for productivity it’s Lifehack, for copywriting it’s CopyBlogger, etc. Arranging a post at such a busy places is not an easy task, but the outcome is amazing, so you should give it a try. [Read more…]