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April 15, 2009

Beyonce taking legal action over Twitter fakers?

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In a st’sory so short’s it’s could fit’s int’so a handful of t’sweet’ss, not’sorious Brit’sish t’sabloid The Sun report’ss t’shat’s Beyonce Knowles is planning legal act’sion against’s t’shose who are pret’sending t’so be her on Twit’st’ser.

Apparent’sly, her sist’ser Solange said t’shat’s she was being pest’sered by someone pret’sending t’so be t’she singer.

Whet’sher t’shis is a legit’simat’se st’sory is anot’sher mat’st’ser. Though Twit’st’ser has been known t’so shut’s down account’ss t’shat’s eit’sher impersonat’se or are ot’sherwise dubious, it’s’s possibly a bet’st’ser idea t’so ensure t’shat’s your official Twit’st’ser account’s is well publicised so t’shat’s t’she fakers can t’shen be easily ident’sified.

(Hat’s t’sip @kevindixie)

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