Formalizing Your Blog’s Online Ad Spend


High level strategic preparation should go in to planning where you advertise your blog/website’s services. A major factor in this planning is understanding where others are finding success, and shaping a strategy around external and internal factors. Online advertising is changing dramatically as of late. Display advertising, the second most common form of online advertising, behind search, is experiencing exponential growth in maturity, according an eMarketer report, banner ad spending grew 23.1% in 2010. Banner ads are images placed within a relevant website and are priced on a cost per click basis. The reason why this news is surprising: display advertising has been around for more than 10 years as a mature medium, and some people believe that banner display advertising is a dying breed, as marketers jump ship to social, search and rich media. However, publishing website’s behavioral targeting, audience retargeting and search retargeting technology have shocked banner ads back to life. [Read more…]