Has Blogging Killed Your Writing?

I’ve recently been catching up on the Showtime program Californication. Centered around mid-life crisis sufferer Hank Moody (played by David Duchovny), the show is packed with sex and sarcasm. A subplot follows the lead as his career as a novelist dead ends due to writer’s block, leaving him with no choice but to take a paying blogger gig. Which the show portrays as a huge blow to the character’s ego.

And that got me thinking…

Ever since I became a prolific blogger, the fiction writer in me has disappeared.


The writing styles are clearly different, and blogging, quite honestly, helps me pay the bills (while fiction was only a hobby). Interesting, because as far as I’m concerned, I’ve always found that writing breeds writing.

I’m curious to hear if you’ve experienced anything similar. Answer this question in the comments section below:


a) Write more fiction
b) Write less fiction
c) You never wrote fiction to begin with

Now that I’m aware that I’ve turned my back on true ‘creative writing,’ I will make a conscious effort to incorporate it back into my life.

Finally I find myself writing for volume the way I always tried to discipline myself to do, yet the format is different than I expected.