How Your Authenticity Is Going Away Because Of Facebook

Facebook LogoFacebook has pushed hard to consolidate your presence across multiple websites to one login through Facebook Connect. Most sites only allow you to login or comment using Facebook Connect and the recent revamp of how content is shared to your friends brings what you do on the web in to what was a personal space. Facebook’s unification of logins and comments may be killing your authenticity.

Steve Cheney thinks Facebook’s move to broadcast your every move on sites that supports its Connect feature puts you in to a crowded arena where your voice must compete to be heard:

Facebook is no longer a social network. They stopped being one long before the movie. Facebook is really a huge broadcast platform. Everything that happens between its walls is one degree away from being public, one massive auditorium filled with everyone you’ve ever met, most of whom you haven’t seen or spoken to in years.

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Facebook Finally Gets OpenID, Your Blog Could Benefit


FacebookWhile I like OpenID as a concept, I think it has been a bit too technical for the average user. Not that it is very hard to understand or use, but rather clunky and more of a hassle than something that truly helps out. There just wasn’t incentive enough for the user.

No more, potentially at least, because now Facebook is an OpenID relying partner. That means that you can use your Gmail account to login to Facebook, once you have authenticated it, and that in turn means that when you’re logged in to Facebook you’re also logged in to every site using Facebook Connect.

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Google Friend Connect Expands, Silent War Brewing

Google Friend Connect

Google Friend ConnectYou might not have noticed, but there is a silent war going on, and it is all about how you will engage with other people on websites. Facebook Connect has gotten a lot of press, and with Twitter’s new OAuth functionality, we’re looking at Twitter Connect too. On the sidelines we find OpenID, which is still too bulky but might just get there, and Google Friend Connect. The latter pops up here and there as a widget mostly, but so far without the thunder of its Facebook equivalent. Well, that’s not quite right, they don’t really do the same thing since GFC is more of a widgety thing that adds functionality, whereas FC is an actual login method, but nevertheless they are competing in the same space. [Read more…]

Movable Type Monday: Motion, Facebook Connect, Premium Themes, and More

Happy Monday, folks! Lots of buzz this week over Six Apart announcing Motion, a new microblogging application built on Movable Type. We had a first look at Motion here, and while it’s still in beta and has some bugs, it has potential to be a very useful social networking application.

Besides Motion, a few other things were released for MT this week: [Read more…]