Google Gears Comes to Safari

Google Gears, the extension that lets you use certain webapps offline, and speed up others, is finally coming to the Safari web browser. Unfortunately, it is just available for the OS X version of the browser at this time, but then again I’d reckon the majority of Safari users are on the Mac platform anyway. The Apple Blog investigates things like where the cache files are stored and things like that, if you’re interested. Enables Support for Google Gears have added a Turbo button in the admin area. This is to enable Google Gears, if your browser supports it, and speed up things using it. For instance, Google Gears is used for offline access to web apps like Google Docs, but how can it benefit

On it is used to store all images and other web page components from the admin area to the user’s PC, speeding up access and reducing unnecessary web traffic.

That’s from the launch post.

Upcoming WordPress 2.6, now in beta 2, will have the same kind of support for Google Gears.