The Best $50 I Ever Spent on My Blog: Part 4


best_50_momAttack of the Mommy Bloggers!

Gosh there are a lot of mommy bloggers out there. I always knew that blogging was appealing to stay-at-home moms who are looking for a way to express themselves, but I never realized just how many child-bearing females are ready to post. Over 13% of the applicants for the Jobacle writing gig mentioned that they were a mommy within the first sentence – that’s almost 100 people! And while I have nothing against mommies who blog, I did find it interesting that many people applied thinking that the mere fact that they had offspring would get them the gig. My advice would be to only mention you’re a mom if it is relevant to the blogging job. In this case, a snarky career blog could benefit from a mother’s experience, but it by no means should be the #1 selling point. [Read more…]

My Mommy Reads My Blog

I’m not embarrassed to admit that my mom reads my blog.

For some people, that could mean the ultimate in self-censorship. Luckily for me, I was blessed with progressive-thinking parents whom I am incredibly close with.

The reality is that even if my mom was NOT reading my blog, I would pretend that she did. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. [Read more…]

First “Top 100” of British parenting blogs published by Talking Tots

Mummy blogging is taking off in a big way in the UK, with an estimated 175,000 new blogs expected to be launched this Mother’s Day (22nd March) and with 55% being written by women.

By way of encouragement for both the parents who blog, and those who want to discover them, Talking Tots has published its first “Tots100” index of the best parenting blogs in Britain. [Read more…]

Turnkey Blog Solution for Parents

$50 a year to document your kids every millimeter of progress? If you want to join the already flooded niche of mommy and daddy bloggers, Web hosting company wants to introduce you to Kizzog.

Kizzogs are a “semi-custom personal blog” targeted to parents who want to blog but don’t have the time or technical knowledge to do so.

The portmanteau, which stumped me at first, is a combination of “kids” and “blog.”

Headers and sidebars within the password-protected site you ‘build’ are customized by uploading images of your children.

“A Kizzog will help capture the memories that will soon fade. Whether it’s capturing your son’s first steps or your daughter’s first soccer game the Kizzog helps you do this via your child’s own personal website. Kizzogs are the best way to share these memories with your family and friends.”

The all-inclusive service includes a domain name, 24/7 Web hosting with 24/7 tech support, 12 design options and password protection.

My question is this: If you’re just having a kid now, aren’t you likely young enough to grasp the basic concept of starting up a free blog?

What do you guys think?