How Bloggers Can Mine Internal Site Search Data


Internal site search is probably one of the most unloved aspects of any website, most people may swap their default search with Google’s and the only reason they do this is so they can display some AdSense. I have to admit that I was one of the neglecters, with so many other aspects of a site from design, architecture and blog marketing to worry about, it seemed pointless to spend any time on something that already works.

But when you really dive into the data behind your internal site search you can begin to see the potential that is held in this little search box. The obvious reason why people use a site search is, of course to find what they are looking for. In an age where time is precious and everyone wants answer now, if searchers are looking for something on your site, chances are they will use the search function. It doesn’t matter if directly under your search box your full site is categorized and silo’d perfectly, you may think you have the easiest site to navigate in the world but this doesn’t matter to your traffic they will still use the search option, and it all leads back to wanting answers now! Properly categorizing and siloing your site is still a good thing to do but more and more it is beneficial for the search engines more so then website usability. [Read more…]