U.S. teens dropping email for SMS, Twitter, Facebook


Is email becoming a thing of the past? Yes, if you are to ask 12 to 17 year olds in the US.

comScore’s report on 2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review revealed that usage among teens went down by 59% last year. Even young adults used email lesser last year by 18% Overall usage of email dropped by a less alarming rate of 8%

Alarming? Maybe. So what’s becoming the choice for teens when it comes to form of communicaton? Text messaging, Facebook and Twitter. It’s all about informal and short form of writing for them. Email is just too much for this age group.

All is not lost for email as older people (55 to 64 year olds) in the U.S. still use email. In fact, they used it more in 2010 than the previous year.

What we would want to see now is the promised Facebook integrated messaging system. That is supposed to make email, as we know it today, a thing of the past. Well, as hinted by Mark Zuckerberg. Where is it, by the way?

In the meantime, keep email alive. You can try sending me one at [email protected] I’ll reply.

O2 Users in the UK Gets Twitter Over SMS

Twitter has announced that users of the mobile operator O2 in the UK can activate Twitter over SMS, with no extra fees or anything. Nice for them huh. Incidentally, that’s apparently a good thing for anyone trying to get in touch with a broadband carrier in the UK… Activate the whole thing in your account settings if you want to use Twitter over SMS via O2 in the UK.

Twitter Loves Canada

You might not know this, but Twitter doesn’t support two-way SMS (mobile phone text messages, that is) all over the world. In fact, most of the world is limited to updating your Twitter account with SMS, but you can’t get updates to your phone. I’m not sure why you’d want that, especially since any decent phone has a web browser that can manage the mobile site, but that’s up to you.

Anyway, if you’re Canadian and want to use SMS for updates both ways, well, now you can! Twitter obviously thinks this is a good idea, to manage your twittering via SMS, and are planning to add more countries to the list. To me it feels old and boring, but then again there might be a business model here. After all, the mobile carriers probably like any increase in texting since they make money from it. That’s a thought…

AQA2U: UK-based mobile microblogging service could make publishers money, but it costs

Yesterday I received a press release about a new service available to UK-based mobile phone users called AQA2U.

Set up by the existing AQA text messaging service, it allows anyone to set up an account and then send SMS alerts to anyone who has decided to follow them.

Though it’s free for a publisher to register, it costs 98p for someone to subscribe (by texting the chosen topic name to 63336) and thereafter it costs 25p each time they receive a text, up to a maximum of £3.50 per month. The publisher can make around 7-9p per subscriber per message. [Read more…]

Blogger platform offers new mobile blogging options

Google has announced that several new features have been added to the Blogger Dashboard to make it easier to post blog entries from mobile devices.

At least for users in the US, the mobile service supports SMS, MMS and email posting from a registered mobile phone. It’s also possible to set up a new blog from the phone.

Of course, some advanced mobile phones (such as the iPhone) make it easy enough to add to Blogger using the standard web interface, but it’s useful to have alternative ways of getting content onto a blog while on the move, and even on smartphones, sending a text or email can be quicker and less fiddly than using the built-in web browser.

Blogger Buzz

Twitter enables SMS delivery for Vodafone UK customers

Last year Twitter withdrew a number of its Twitter-to-SMS services, citing the charges levied upon it by mobile operators in order to send messages as the reason.

The UK was one country hit by the change, but Twitter has announced at least a partial return to receiving tweets via text message, even if it is a bit stingy.

For a start, you have to be a Vodafone UK customer. Granted, that’s a pretty large number of British mobile users but hardly exhaustive. [Read more…]

Movable Type Monday: Pownce, Notifications, HashMT, and More

Happy Monday, folks! I’m sure by now you’ve heard the big news: Six Apart bought Pownce. The Pownce team will join 6A, and the Pownce service will shut down. It’s a shame they’re closing the site — it had some really nice features. Hopefully, we’ll see some of those social networking and microblogging features show up in a future version of Movable Type.

Speaking of MT versions, MT 4.23 — the security fix that I told you was coming over a month ago — has finally been released. This is just a security fix, so it should be an easy upgrade. If you’re using the community templates, though, you will need to update those. [Read more…]