Twitter Gets, Not, Forgets About Though


If there’s one thing that never gets old, even not after almost 4 years which is more than an eternity online, Ev and Co. continue to provide us with food for the never-ending story of making fun of the name.

Of course I had to dig out the original logo and name twatter twttr for this occasion and after last year’s Twitter Can’t Get Tweet Because Too Many Tweets Out There, today bring us another winner. Once more Techcrunch brings the story: Twitter has registered the ‘shorturl’ According to Techcrunch’s Erik Schonfeld plans for the domain have not been disclosed yet:

To be clear, just because it owns the URL doesn’t mean that Twitter is planning on doing anything with it. Twitter owns many domains which it is just sitting on, preventing others from acquiring, or reserving for future use. Twitter also owns and someone applied for on March 27, 2010. None of the .tt domains are yet live. [source]

Of course there was no way that I could miss out on this awesome opportunity to make fun of the name. Once more.
I wonder if they could register No, I will not register!

News Flash: Tumblr Has A Business Plan. Or At Least Something To Sell.

Tumblr, the hot, New York based, free blogging platform on crack which was founded in 2007 by David Karp, and has long been mocked for having no business strategy at all, actually has a ‘business plan’.

A business plan other than being the nicest platform, hosting the hippest bloggers and designers, and offering most features of all freely available blog platforms. To be honest with you I might have forgotten to check the total validity of the ‘most features’ statement, but if tumblr doesn’t offer most features, at least the team has the nicest features page of all platforms. That’s a valid argument, right?

Times have changed and since today you will not be able, or allowed even, anymore to mock tumblr as the perfect poster boy of the ‘Bubble in Tech’ and our throw-away consumerist behaviour, because… wait for it… yes, Tumblr does actually have a business plan. Of course I use the term ‘business plan’ loosely here and it might be more appropriate to call it ‘something which should at least bring money in the account and finance the next free bar Tumblr SXSWi party‘. [Read more…]

10 Tips for Criticism Without Harming Your Reputation

A big turn-off for many people online are the rants, attacks and snarks that we see all too often in blogs. Really negativity is not attractive, and those who use negativity to attract an audience are storing up problems for the future. Sometimes though we have valid criticisms, how can we get our point across without making our audience think less of us? [Read more…]

You can only talk about the Restaurant in the Restaurant

The latest Saturday Afternoon Chatter on Techmeme is about where conversations take place after we post on our blogs. The former editor of the Blog Herald Tony Hung thinks aggregation services have crossed the line. I tend to disagree. It’s like Restaurants having policies that you are only allowed to talk about the restaurant in the restaurant using approved feedback forms.

I have nothing else to say. Just thought I’d add this little bit of snobbery.

Science Blogging: On Zombies, Asshats, Sex Organs and the Great Black Hope

This installment of The Wonderful World of Science Blogging will take a look at some interesting diversions that scientists like to indulge (because they can). First, there’s news from the Zombie wars based on some very timely analysis of the nature of zombies.

In case you are among the few humans who haven’t yet become aware of the threat, I was originally alerted to the Zombie Crisis when I enrolled in a course on quantum consciousness at the University of Arizona some years ago. Philosopher David Chalmers was one of the instructors, and he is inordinately fond of zombies. He has published many papers on the subject, and has compiled a collection of Zombies on the Web that any true zombie-phyle will love. Hollywood zombies, Haitian zombies, philosophical zombies, the zombie within, functional zombies… You name it, Chalmers has links to it in his collection. [Read more…]

Intel uses blog to market laptops – the story

I hear a tiny little bell ringing in the back of my head, and it’€™s not the usual crazy voices that do this. No, I think it’€™s some kind of reminder that I’€™ve heard about the Intel Centrino Duo Blogger Challenge before, but apparently haven’€™t taken any real note of it.

The challenge appeared in the feed reader this morning, via A-lister Robert Scoble, who is one of the mystery bloggers that has been hired for the challenge. And by hired I mean given a laptop, that Robert doesn’€™t intend to keep, probably fearing Payperpost-like reactions from his readers.

[Read more…]

Just in case you needed a reason to NOT attend SXSW ’07

SXSW is a big thing I realize. Media magnet. Mecca for all things, emm, whatever. But in case you were looking for a reason to not attend this event, let me give you reason #1 (of course the only one that matters).

Dan Rather is keynoting.

Yes, you heard it right. The posterchild for being dooced by blogs is now touting how, and I quote, “emerging technology is shaping the news”.

Well, if anyone can be a posterchild for such a topic, Dan Rather is it. The only reason the Web 2.0 crowd is embracing this goon is because of Mark Cuban’s dollars. He had no credibility when he left CBS, what makes an HDNet deal give him any more credibility now?

Hat tip: Mark Jaiquith

Blog Herald Wants a Blog War

I have it from an unnamed senior Blogmedia senior vice-president that the Blog Herald is itching to instigate a blog war. I can’t go into details at the moment, but for some reason he decided that it would be appropriate to respond to b5media’s Jeremy Wright and his “kickass” business card with one of his own.

Apparently this unnamed senior vice president of Blogmedia doesn’t realize that what starts with Scoble stays with Scoble.

I’m sure this is just a rumor as Blogmedia must know the odds of actually winning a war on such terms as business cards. Isn’t that right, Matt?