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10 Best Giveaway Plugins for WordPress

10 Best Giveaway Plugins for WordPress

Giveaway Plugins for WordPress are tools that bloggers and website owners never knew they needed. Holding giveaways and contests online is proven to be VERY effective when it comes to marketing a website. It is a good way to stimulate following and traffic towards a website or a blog. This is done by cleverly encouraging readers and users to join in on email subscriptions which are normal requirements before joining contests and giveaways. These kinds of promotions don’t have to be expensive as well. Sponsorships for the prizes are possible and affordable giveaway plugins are available online, especially for WordPress users.

Here are some of the highly-rated giveaway plugins for WordPress:


Giveaway style: Varied templates for use

Pricing: Basic plans start at $39.20

Features: This plugin allows users to join in just with a few clicks. This is also easy to market via social media. The plugin provides multiple templates for the varied game and contest styles.

Agora Pulse

Giveaway style: Varied game styles but mostly relies on social media interaction

Pricing: Marketed as free tools with no hidden costs

Features: Most of the games are reliant on social media interaction. Winners are randomly picked from likers or comments. Or, posts with the most likes or shares are winners.

Interact: Embed a Quiz

Giveaway style: Quiz style giveaway. Bloggers and website owners could embed quizzes or polls on their pages that readers can answer for a prize.

Pricing: Open source software but accepts donations for contributors.

Features: The software is very easy to use and very straightforward. The Interact software is where you create quizzes that could be embedded on websites. The plug-in creates a shortcode or URL that allows the quizzes to be embedded with the content.

Scratchcard Giveaways

Giveaway style: Scratch Card Style Giveaway. Simply post a ‘Scratch-to-win’ card on a landing page, email, or banner on your website to entice readers to join in. The instructions are quite straight-forward and choosing winners is also easy as it will depend on ‘scratched’ results than criteria.

Pricing: Pricing varies depending on the number of users. The first 50 users are free.

Features: This could be featured in almost any part of a blog or website. It could also be easily announced to readers through social media and email newsletters. There could also be multiple winners, which makes the game more encouraging.

Photo Contest WordPress Plugin

Giveaway style: Photo contest style

Pricing: Basic license starts at $39

Features: Allows bloggers or website owners to embed a photo contest within their websites. Also, the plug-in allows for the creation of a stand-alone website just for the contest itself.

Simple Giveaways

Giveaway style: Varied giveaway style

Pricing: Open source software

Features: Allows the blogger to host the giveaway within their website. However, the main feature of this plugin is to provide website owners a landing page just to host the giveaway or promotion.


Giveaway style: Sweepstakes, photo contests, and social media

Pricing: Depends on the number of users and type of giveaway

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Features: Offers 10 different contest styles which include sweepstakes, photo contests, bonus entry contests, leaderboard contests, coupon giveaways, voting games, and referral contests.

Contests by Rewards Fuel

Giveaway style: Varied contest styles

Pricing: Basic package starts at $13.95

Features: It has been reviewed to be so easy to use that contests could be created and launched within minutes. A shortcode will be provided which could be used to embed within the content. Also, this promotes digital prizes like tickets, videos, gift cards, and more.

Total Contest Lite

Giveaway style: Photo, video, audio, and essay contests

Pricing: Open source

Features: One of the best features of this plug-in is that it allows the creation of games and giveaways that are mobile-ready. These giveaways are also optimizable in varied operating systems like Android and iOS.

Contest Gallery 

Giveaway style: Photo contest

Pricing: Open source but additional features available for a small subscription fee.

Features: No upload limitation for both basic and pro versions. The contest is very interactive as it allows commenting, sharing, and sorting through entries. Users may be able to share their entries on their own social media accounts as well.

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