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3 Ambitious Blog Subjects for Small Businesses

3 Ambitious Blog Subjects for Small Businesses

All new business strategies involve risk. After all, if you want to improve the way your company functions, you’ve got to make changes. However, many professionals shy away from the prospect of introducing new ideas for fear of potential failure. While it’s understandable for business owners to have a healthy respect for the unknown, it shouldn’t stop them from trying new things. And that goes double for their blog and content strategy. In fact, it’s counterproductive to avoid ambitious blog topics. Bland, banal, expository work won’t resonate with anyone –– no matter how much interest they may have in your product or service. With that in mind, here are three ambitious blog subjects all content creators should look to utilize in their upcoming schedule:


Many business owners feel hesitant to focus on product/service price within their content. Instead, they’d rather their blog highlight the benefits their product/service will provide, not how much it will cost a new customer upfront. While this may seem like sound logic on the surface, the reality is that modern consumers want as much information as possible about a given product before they make a decision, and they’ll flock to sites that provide it. Rather than letting a third-party website list your prices (because one way or another, people will find out) make it a point to write content explaining your price structure, and why you choose to price certain products or services differently than your competitors. This is especially pertinent for B2B professionals. Consider, for a moment, how much more complicated purchasing a POS pharmacy system is than buying a t-shirt, and you’ll quickly see the value in explaining a pricing model. Lastly, don’t be afraid of putting off potential clients with high prices. If they can’t afford your product or service, then they weren’t a serious lead anyway!

The Problem With . . .

Most business owners are reluctant to focus on product/service price in their blog content. However, even fewer are comfortable discussing potential problems or drawbacks associated with their product. Again, the reasoning behind this way of thinking may seem obvious: what is the benefit to discussing the downsides of your own product anyway? The answer is increased trust and digital presence. As mentioned above, modern consumers are savvy shoppers, and they’ll research your product thoroughly in the form of reviews and rival websites. There’s no use in pretending your product is perfect; wildly successful corporations create flawed products all the time (think McDonalds or Apple, or Kia). By being proactive and writing content that addresses product issues, you can control the narrative and frame it in a way that benefits your business. Plus, you’ll be able to generate loads of meaningful traffic as a result!

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The Reconfiguration

Established businesses have likely maintained a blog for years already. That means most companies have a wealth of old blog content that isn’t currently serving a purpose. Rather than letting them go to waste, innovative bloggers should revisit their old work, and update, amend, and reoptimize it as they see fit. Chances are you’ll have new areas you’d like to focus on and new insights to provide, and those revisions could very well lead to lucrative conversions down the line!

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