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3 Things You Need To Know When Launching Your Startup’s Blog

3 Things You Need To Know When Launching Your Startup’s Blog

You’ve dedicated hours of work and stressed out over every detail, now it is finally time to launch your startup’s blog. No matter how much preparation has went into it, something will inevitable will go wrong.

From little design mistakes to huge catastrophes, it is possible to be prepared to handle whatever your launching blog throws your way. In fact, several business experts were willing to share their tips for important things you need to know when launching your startup’s blog. New York Times best selling author and entrepreneur, Neil Patel has written extensively on the topic. He has about seven categories that you should attempt to master before the launch of your startups blog.


Sure, you probably know the basics of web design. Or, maybe you hired a professional web designer. However, problems can still arise. Everyone makes mistakes. No matter how beautifully designed your site is, it still needs to be easy for visitors to access what they are looking for. There are a few ways to make sure this happens. Patel breaks them down on QuickSprout.

Make sure your logo is included and looks professional. Your homepage is the first thing your site’s visitors will see when they visit your blog, so you want to make a great first impression. Make it known what service or product you offer from the first second people load your site.

Figure out what type of layout will work best for you. For example, Steve Feiner, the founder and CEO of A Better Florist explains how he wanted a simple design with a lot of white space.

A Better Florist website
A screenshot of Feiner’s website. [Photo credit: A better Florist]
“By utilizing more white space, there will be more emphasis on the images of our beautiful bouquets,” Feiner explained “We thought about what was the most important thing the visitor needed to see, the images.”

Ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish with your layout? In Feiner’s case, it was to draw attention to the floral arrangements.


Now that you have your design perfected, you need to make sure that it is compatible for everyone. In our mobile driven society, people use mobile devices about 75 percent of the time to view websites. This means that your site should look just as good when viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

blog compatibility infographic
[Photo credit: Quicksprout]
Not only should you make sure your blog is compatible with mobile devices, but also different web browsers. From Firefox to Internet Explorer, there could be some variations on how it appears in these various browsers.

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Compatibility goes hand in hand with functionality. No one wants to encounter glitches or errors. In fact, most people will only give a site about 15 seconds of their attention. If it doesn’t catch their attention or load correctly in that short amount of time, you will have lost a potential customer.

Startup Blog launch issues
[Photo credit: Quicksprout]
Correct any issues that can affect your site’s loading time immediately. Avoid annoying popups and advertisements that will cause frustration to your visitor. You want all of your site’s visitors to have a pleasant experience. From flower delivery service to a non profit charity, your blog should clearly state its purpose and pull in the visitor from the moment it loads.

You can read more about Patel’s expert tips here.

Successful blogs or websites go hand in hand with the level of success and profits your business will see. Make sure to follow these tips to avoid the potential of launching your startup’s blog and assure that you are starting out on the right foot.

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