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5 Steps to Writing Great How-To Content

5 Steps to Writing Great How-To Content

The internet is a huge resource for people who are searching for solutions to basic or complex problems. It’s widely known that the best type of content which people love to engage with helps them solve a problem. Even though there are several blogs which provide the same solution, some have not been able to experience the same success as others because they don’t know how to write great “how-to” content. If you are going to be creating problem solving content for your readers, it’s important to implement these simple strategies before publishing.

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Start With a Problem

The best way to start a how-to post is to put some time aside to do research identifying common problems people are having. You have various tools available which can help with keyword research. Do a quick search focusing on your target keyword and find what people need help with. You can skim through relevant blogs, forums or communities to find questions people have posted and focus your content around them.

Remember, the best how-to content is based on actual problems people have and solutions which are difficult to find.

Break It Down

Now that you have a list of problems people are facing, it’s time to think of a game plan. For example, when you have a problem in mind, write down the sequence of steps that will help you reach the solution. With these smaller points written, you can go through them filling in the gaps while writing. Remember the start and end goal, making sure that each sequence brings you closer to the solution.

This part can be done using your word processor or on a piece of paper. Write down the title and the solution you’re trying to solve, then the points in sequence so you have a guide you can follow.

Writing Process

Writing can be easy as long as you follow the points you wrote down in the last step. Start with an introduction and don’t have a maximum word limit because it will restrict you from going in depth. Make sure you cover everything from start to finish, ensuring you’ve provided what you promised to your readers. Ask yourself this question…

When a visitor lands on this page, will they be able to solve their problem?

If the answer is “Yes”, then you’ve done a great job providing everything they need. However, if the answer is “No”, you need to go back and tweak the content so it provides them what they need and won’t need to go anywhere else.

Review Content

Go back and check the content for spelling and grammar mistakes. The last thing you want is a solution which is not easy to follow because it’s scattered with errors. Give it a critical review from a third perspective making sure it’s easy to follow and you can even add images or videos to make it more exciting.

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Ask yourself these questions while reviewing…

  • What’s the point of this post?
  • What impact will this post have on my readera?
  • Will this actually solve my readers’ problem?
  • What questions will my readers still be asking at the end of this post?
  • Have I clearly communicated what I’m trying to say?

Time to Publish

When you’re done, publish your post and share it on your social profiles. If your content solves a major problem, you’ll have no issues building traction. If you have a network of people within your niche you communicate with, you can ask them to share it on their social profiles too.

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