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5 Ways to Market Yourself as a Blogger

5 Ways to Market Yourself as a Blogger

Bloggers are growing in number these days and they are in varied niches. Some engage in blogging for personal reasons such as to push a personal advocacy or simply to share their journey with the rest of the world. The others blog for professional reasons and those who have established a good reputation online are either working with or for brands or blogging independently.

There are many ways to earn from one’s blog but certain factors must be taken into consideration. Regardless of your niche, it is of utmost importance that a blogger establishes an online presence. And this should not be limited to just one social networking platform but in most of the popular sites today if possible such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Your blog itself should also be a professional one that people will find appealing and useful particularly in terms of content.

Once you have a strong online presence and following, it is time to market yourself to brands that you’d like to collaborate with. You need to make an effort to let companies and businesses know that your blog exists and promoting yourself online is a good start. Make sure that you do it professionally, though, and not in a way that can be seen as too much bragging.

About Me

On your blog itself, you can already market yourself through the About Me page or section. This is where you tell your followers about yourself, what you do and your mission. Part of your profile can be showcased on the home page so people can get initial information about yourself once they open your blog. You can include a link there to your more detailed profile in a separate About Me web page.

Post on Job Boards

As companies post their need for staff on job boards, you can also post there to market yourself as a professional blogger. But before you do this, create a profile that details your skills and credentials. You may also provide links to previous work if you want. Keep in mind that your profile should not be too long because your goal is to capture the attention of potential employers or clients.

Give Out Business Cards

Marketing yourself online may not be enough hence, create and print business cards that you can give out to professionals and company executives you meet on random occasions such as during networking events or conferences. They are still very useful these days the reason why you need to create one that’s an attention-grabber and would prompt people to take a second look and keep it.

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Do Guest Posts

Contributing guest posts to blogs similar to your niche would also help in your online exposure. When people read your blog posts on other sites, it would give them an idea that you’re a professional blogger who does not limit himself or herself to his personal blog. It means that you are confident in your blogging and are willing to contribute writeups to other blogs even without pay.

Submit to Article Directories

Another way to get your name out there on the web is to submit to article directories. Many people actually use these directories to find content for their own sites and who knows, your articles there might just be picked and shared on other blogs.

Article directories are of two types – the free and the paid. You can start by submitting to the free directories and find out if they give your good results. If the feedback is positive, you can then choose to submit to the paid directories.

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