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7 Best WordPress Popup Plugins for 2020

7 Best WordPress Popup Plugins for 2020

One way to annoy your visitors and to make them leave your website, blowing up your bounce rate is by not being careful with the popups you implement. You’ve probably seen and experienced these already especially if you frequent websites; they’re the ones that will welcome you with privacy policies, deals, freebies, and more. Most of the time, they’re all WordPress popup plugins.

As for how they can drive away your visitors, certain WordPress popup plugins simply handle their popups worse. As a result, some of these popups can get rather intrusive or disruptive to the user experience. A good popup plugin, for that matter, is one that balances out the website’s needs against user experience.

You needn’t worry too much because we have done the job of compiling which of these plugins is the best for any kind of blog or website that needs them. Here’s a list of the best of them for this year.


Want something easy to use and doesn’t take much coding experience? OptinMonster might be the best option for you. Their plugin is called Popups by OptinMonster and has a free version in WordPress’ plugin store. Not only does OptinMonster help notify your visitors the first time they enter the site but it also prolongs the time they spend on the domain.

WordPress Popup Plugins

This is all thanks to the specialized popup templates it uses to keep visitors coming back or staying longer. These can be anything from promos to coupons. On top of that, OptinMonster makes its popup plugin a breeze to use with the drag-and-drop function, making it perfect for startup bloggers. Last but not least, it has a feature called Small Success which remembers what popups were shown to certain visitors so they get a different one each time.


If popups that are less intrusive are what you need or want, then TrustPulse is something you can trust to do the job. Their popups notably take less screen real estate and are also discreet. Of course, TrustPulse is not your usual dedicated plugin– it’s actually a full suite of marketing tools you can use to grow your whole company or blog.

WordPress Popup Plugins

It just so happens that the popup plugin aspect of TrustPulse is one of the finest for this year. It even shows you real-time tracking, meaning whoever does interaction with the popup is noted and reported to you. The tool also uses a social proof system to tailor the popups to the right users at the right time, making for a perfect marketing approach.

Ninja Popups

It’s not free but even so, it’s still popular as heck– one of the most popular WordPress popup plugins, in fact. As for how their popups perform? Exceptional and commendable. They have some of the most responsive and snappy popups in the market. Theirs also works well in mobile phones which, as some of you will know, is not a platform users want a popup to appear because of how clunky those are.

WordPress Popup Plugins

Meanwhile, if you want your popups to appear more tailored to your website– as if you coded them yourself, then Ninja Popups is your friend in that regard. It also lets you have full control of the appearance of your popups; you can even implement different variations and styles of your popups.


Icegram is another popup plugin that offers more than one function, meaning a suite of tools. It’s useful if you want to save some plugin space on your WordPress installation. Anyway, you’ll find Icegram a competitive tool and popup plugin source, especially when comparing with others on this list.

The tool’s interface is more text-based than some of the more user-friendlier options here, however. Still, Icegram lets you create your popups right from the WordPress dashboard, which is an unprecedented and useful luxury of a function. The tool also operates within its own set of parameters and triggers to keep your visitors more invested in your website.


Another option for you would be Sumo. It’s a robust and generous popup plugin or tool that’s dedicated compared to the other two above. Sumo also lets you customize and pick your own popup style. It has a free and a premium version; the former being limited but still allows you to create popups and forms of all kinds.

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Since Sumo also helps immensely in growing your own email list, it also integrates well with popular email marketing platforms for additional exposure for your blog. Depending on what you’re after, you might find that Sumo’s selection of styles enough. If not, you always get the option to go premium.


Elementor is all about design and it extends its philosophy to popups as well. Hence, we have Elementor Popups, the dedicated plugin for, well, popups. What Elementor does differently is to make it fun for you in designing your own popups. The tool itself uses the Elementor Page Builder user interface, meaning it won’t leave you wanting or confused.

Moreover, it lets you pick between more than 100 templates for your popups. It’s like a popup designer’s dream come true. When it comes to functionality, Elementor also has it covered since it allows you to create targeting options specific to pages for the best user experience.


Sometimes all you want is something simple. Something that lets you create popups and then implement them in WordPress in the fewest clicks or actions possible. HubSpot’s popup tool lets you do just that. It has its own suite or WordPress all-in-one plugin collection that allows you to create plugins in the tool and then upload them to your WordPress site.

This eliminates the mess of having to work within WordPress yourself for that plugin. Of course, the tool is easy to use and simple enough but provides a wide range of functions comparable to other WordPress popup plugins. So, choose wisely and help yourself to these plugins, it’s all up to you at this point.

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