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Amazing Quick Fixes for Creative Ruts

Amazing Quick Fixes for Creative Ruts

Creative ruts are unavoidable and inevitable. Any creative would reach a point where they feel like they have exhausted all possible innovations and creativity out of their minds. Feeling stuck can usually be caused by the sheer number of competition out there. Content creators, graphic designers, creative producers are all over the internet. It is always possible to feel like somebody else does it better than you. Also, sometimes, being controlled or restricted by specific client guidelines can make any creative bored and frustrated.

Do not fret. Here are amazing quick fixes for creative ruts that you should try when you feel stuck:

Find your ‘Why’

The best way to get out of feeling unchallenged or stuck is to get back to the basics. Always find your reason. Find the reasons why you are in your career, to begin with. Who are you doing it for, and why. Going back to that foundation of why and how you got to your career could always spark inspiration.  Understanding the purpose of your pursuit could inspire you and lead you back to creativity.

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Adjust your surroundings

Working in a dark stuffy room while confined on a four-corner wall rarely sparks inspiration. This is why adjusting your surroundings at times could get you going. It does not necessarily need to be going on a vacation or redoing your entire office. Sometimes, adding a small plant to a desk could zhoosh up the whole room’s vibe. Or maybe rearrange your furniture and change your desk’s orientation to face a window could do the trick. Moving stuff around or maybe changing rooms could also be a good idea. You could choose to work in a café for the day to get fresh outdoor air. Why not try working at a museum or a library? Sometimes creativity could be killed by routine, so changing the surroundings a bit could be a great deal.

Sleep to escape the creative ruts

Sometimes forcing it just won’t work. Overthinking won’t get you over it either. When the mind is tired, the creative juices could easily dry up. Especially when you are working at home, maybe getting the z’s could freshen up your mind. A short 30-minute power nap could sometimes do the trick. Yes, some people may think it is the lazy way out. But maybe a short refreshing rest could do the trick.

Patience is ALWAYS, TRULY a virtue

Sometimes, the best way to deal with a creative rut is to accept it. All creatives have experienced this in some way or another. Everyone has slow days, some longer than others. Think of it as being part of every creative’s journey. We all feel pressured to always be able to produce and create. But, a lot of times, being stuck just happens. Be patient and wait it out. The more frustrated we get with feeling stuck, the longer we stay in it. Learn from the experience and believe that you WILL get out of it.

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Do not procrastinate

Stay off the internet. Log out of social media. Turn off that TV. Unsubscribe from Netflix. Sometimes we feel like we’re stuck creatively but all we really are doing is procrastinating. If you stay out of all your distractors and start focusing on your work then the creativity could just come easily to you. Yes, it is hard not to be lazy. But you have to get off the couch, get a cold shower, and work.

A little housework might help

Creative ruts could be a result of having TOO MANY IDEAS all at once. Not being able to decide which ideas work together and which ideas are better could be a tremendous creative obstacle. Doing house chores has been found to spark up creativity. Some researchers support this and many creatives swear by it. Doing routine, mindless work could be a good place to be when you think too much. So many people get good ideas while doing the dishes or doing some gardening. Maybe clearing up the room could also clear your mind.

Do something ‘out of character’ for you

Feeling stuck is often an effect of staying within an unset limit. When you are so used to your ways and producing just what others are expecting from you could really dampen creativity. Adventure, and a little bit of crazy, could lead to innovation. Sometimes, going outside of your comfort zone is the best way to feel adventurous. Doing the crazy stuff that is not expected of you could be a great way to spark some creativity. Are you a minimalist designer? Why not try designing the opposite for once? Are you a fictional horror writer, why not try writing a short romantic comedy for a change? Just a break from your normal work could really give you a different perspective.

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