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8 Best Affiliate Marketing Plugins For Your Blog

8 Best Affiliate Marketing Plugins For Your Blog

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for your website or blog to generate some income on the side. For some, it can even be the sole bread-and-butter of the website especially if the domain’s growth and traffic are steady. Whether that’s the case or not for yours, some affiliate marketing plugins are in order for your blog.

Trust us when we say that you need these affiliate marketing plugins; because on top of managing the content and SEO, the added layer of micromanagement that comes with affiliate marketing can get rather chaotic. These plugins can help automate certain tasks associated with this income practice.

So, once you’ve finally set up your affiliate marketing agreements for your blog, it’s time to see how to make it even easier with these plugins.

Pretty Links

Affiliate links are often long, ugly, and bloated, making them look a lot less appealing to the eyes of users. Moreover, shorter and cleaner website URLs tend to be a big help to SEO. That’s why cleaning up your affiliate links is recommended, and for that, Pretty Links is one of the best.

It lets you modify affiliate links with ease, making your links easier on the eyes especially when you have no anchor text for them. If you do, however, you can also set up Pretty Links to automatically fetch the affiliate links for certain keywords. This puts the plugin easily at the top of the list for blogs with written content.

Thirsty Affiliates

While Pretty Links can manage your affiliate marketing to a certain extent, you’ll most likely want a dedicated affiliate marketing management tool or plugin. This is a job for plugins like Thirsty Affiliates. It’s a plugin that touts itself as a powerful affiliate link management tool.

After installing it, you get a dashboard or control center for any affiliate marketing-related task. Apart from being capable of some of the actions Pretty Links does, Thirsty Affiliates also allows you to categorize your affiliate programs and even check how each link is performing based on SEO metrics.

WP RSS Aggregator

Writing content with included affiliate links is easy enough. However, might be focused on your main content instead of that. Thankfully, you can relegate a certain percentage of affiliate product or service hunting to this next plugin; it’s called WP RSS Aggregator and it acts as an automated affiliate link finder.

Of course, you do have to have your own list of affiliate partners first. What WP RSS Aggregator does is automatically fetch some links and add them as posts in your WordPress blog. You can then edit or modify these posts and publish them later. This saves you a lot of time to focus on writing instead.


Custom forms also have plenty of other purposes outside affiliate marketing but in this case, it’s quite a valuable tool. Simply put, WPForms allows you to create your own customized affiliate marketing forms so that potential partners can seek you out and invite you into a program easier.

That, or blogs, podcasts, artists, and even online businesses can propose affiliate marketing plans to you with ease. You can even integrate it with other plugins so you can easily send automated replies in case you get too many requests and propositions. All in all, it’s a useful all-around tool.

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Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

Other plugins in this list like Thirsty Affiliates already have their own analytics for affiliate links but it never hurts to have a more dedicated plugin. For that, we recommend Google’s very own Analytics plugin as it lets you get a good picture of how well your affiliate links do based on Google’s own algorithms.

Affiliate Marketing Plugins

Of course, when not using it for affiliate content, you can take full advantage of this plugin by checking out how well each and every content performs as well as how finding out visitor behavior on your website.


Sometimes affiliate links you get from programs or from proposals are not enough. You can always increase your site income with a plugin like AdSanity which incorporates banner ads along with your affiliate links. This plugin also lets you customize the location of your ads so that they don’t ruin the user experience too much.

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Additionally, you can splice affiliate links into your ads to increase conversion for those links and for the content itself. As with some of the other plugins in this list, AdSanity is a Swiss army knife; you can also utilize it for other programs like Google AdSense; some of you might even have it already in that case.

Affiliates by itthinx

Contending with Thirst Affiliates for the affiliate marketing management tool is the aptly named Affiliates by itthinx. It’s a smaller yet similar tool that helps you manage the majority of your affiliate marketing exploits and work. It’s younger than some of its competition and therefore more modern.

Affiliate Marketing Plugins

Affiliates allows for developer customization which is a huge plugin as far as affiliate marketing plugins go; it allows webmasters to tailor the tool to their liking. Moreover, Affiliates takes good advantage of the more late WordPress update features such as blocks; it then integrates it well with its own affiliate management system.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

Now, if you’re the one on the other end of the affiliate marketing program, basically the eCommerce website, then you certainly wouldn’t want to do business without this plugin. It’s called Yith WooCommerce Affiliates and caters to online stores and similar online businesses.

Affiliate Marketing Plugins

With this, you can create affiliate program member profiles and manage commissions as well as partnerships easier. This plugin can even do the math for you even when refunds are taken into account.

Regardless of which of these affiliate marketing plugins you choose, we hope that it improves your site income in 2020 and beyond.

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