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Check out these Amazing Wedding Blogs for 2021 Love Month

Check out these Amazing Wedding Blogs for 2021 Love Month

It’s the love month again and what wouldn’t be better than writing about the best wedding blogs for 2021. Wedding blogs are fun to write. Also, there are so many topics that surround the industry it is difficult to have nothing to write about it! Common topics to write about are destinations, fashion, color schemes, honeymoon destinations, and the like. What should the bride wear? What should the groom wear? Should all the bridesmaids wear the same thing? What should be served for the reception? How many guests should you have? There is SO MUCH to write about.

However, bloggers can skip that road as there are so many wedding blogs about those topics. Maybe explore something different like advice blogs, getting left at the altar blogs, real love stories, weddings in this pandemic, and even LGBT weddings. It is such a fun and romantic niche which is enjoyable and inspiring to write about. There are so many topics to choose from.

Weddings are still happening despite the pandemic and there are various restrictions couples have to deal with. Thankfully, some blogs discuss that as well. Check out these amazing wedding blogs for 2021.

Wedding Blogs For 2021 – Brides

Bespoke Bride

Covers everything brides need to know about weddings. What is great about this blog is how colorful and lively its vibe is. This is a very common type of wedding blog but there is always something to share and write about.

Offbeat Bride

It is an advice blog for brides and weddings. It gives tips for wedding planning and the wedding day. There is a personal touch to this blog that makes it unique compared to all other wedding websites.

Budget Savvy Bride

Yes, you can have a wedding without breaking the bank. This is a very common blog, but the budget is ALWAYS the primary concern of all parties when planning a wedding.

One Fab Day

What is great about this blog is that they have a COVID-19 option on the menu bar. People still get married despite the pandemic and there are concerns on how to go about weddings because of it. This blog shares experiences of real couples getting married during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Style Me Pretty

All about wedding dresses, motifs, and color schemes. Wedding styles and fashion – these are the most common topics to write about when you’re considering the niche.


Planning weddings can bring about so many emotions caused by stress and pressure. Unbridely talks a lot about these feelings and how to work around them. Weddings should be about the union and not just all the fluff. This is a great niche to write about for the wedding industry.

Wedding Blogs For 2021 – Grooms

In this day and age, weddings are not all about brides anymore. Like, what if we have a wedding for two grooms? Nowadays, both men and women share their thoughts and ideas when planning a wedding. There is so much stuff that the grooms can be on top of – what drinks to serve at the bar, what the groomsmen should wear, which bridal car to choose, and more. We’re pretty sure they can have valuable input in flower arrangement, color schemes, and motif. There should be blogs that serve grooms as well. Here are some of the best wedding blogs for grooms:

Men’s Vows

This is not the usual wedding blog we see and it is one of the sweetest and most romantic wedding blogs out there. It features LGBTQ+ weddings, with two grooms specifically. It covers what they wear, where they go on a honeymoon, where they got married, the rings and more. It also covers romantic and inspiring real-life love stories.

Goodmen Project

It is actually not just a wedding blog, it is kind of a men’s magazine. Nope, not that kind of men’s magazine but a lifestyle e-zine that covers family, health, fashion, and more.

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Groomsmen Central

This is a pretty straightforward blog as it covers typical wedding inquiries like wedding destinations, common groomsmen gifts, and the like. It has reviews of rings, bottle openers, and groomsmen gift bags.

The Groomsman Suit

Presents style ideas for grooms for their wedding day OOTDs. Not only that it gives tips for other wedding-related events like engagement photoshoots, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and more.

Groom Power

Gives the best wedding advice for grooms about anything related to weddings. If you want to help men who have zero ideas about weddings, then writing advice blogs like these are great.

Nail Your Speech

What better way to wrap the day than nailing the speech you will tell your bride/groom during the reception. This blog gives tips and tricks to nail the best wedding speech ever. But mainly, they offer tutorials for speech writing and delivery.

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