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Cool and Affordable Backdrop Ideas for Taking Killer Blog Photos

Cool and Affordable Backdrop Ideas for Taking Killer Blog Photos

Creating the cool backgrops for blog photos don’t always have to be expensive. Sometimes it is all about maximizing what is already available for your use. Some bloggers spend big money to create cool looking backdrops that they will only use once. Not only is it financially wasteful, it is also a waste of time and effort. Why not create something that is slightly permanent and could be used multiple times?

Here are some creative, cool, and affordable backdrop ideas for taking killer blog photos:


Always free and always available. If you live near a park, or you have a backyard of your own, it is easy to get creative with using grass as a backdrop. A field is also a creative idea, as it gives a more rustic and romantic appeal. What is great about using grass is that it is in the outdoors! There is no better lighting than natural lighting, especially during magic hours.

Image Source: Picrepo

Tall, Green Bushes

A tall bush is also a really cool idea as a backdrop photo. The bright green can make any color pop and bloom like a a beautiful spring day. This is also good for autumn inspired photos, maybe the browning of the leaves will give off a warm feel to the image.

Image source: Pixabay

Wooden Gates

If you are looking for a more rustic and old school vibe, wooden gates and doors are a good idea. It looks great with black and white photos as well.

Image Source: PxFuel

Colorful Doors

If you want to give off that summery vibe, bright colorful doors are great as a blog photo backdrop. Added with a few props like balloons or flowers, this could give a really fun vibe to the photo.

Image Source: PX Fuel

Roller Shutters

This kind of backdrops are great for OOTDs. Also, they are quite easy to find around town. There are different colors, styles, and varied agedness to choose from as well.

Image Source: Picrepo

Brick Walls

Like wooden doors, these give off a rustic and romantic vibe. This is great for OOTDs, announcements, and more.

Photo by Dave Webb on Unsplash

Bold, Creative Wall

If you cant find a wall creative and bold enough for your taste, maybe look for a place with really nice looking wall papers. Go for the quirky designs! Remember, these are quite hard to spice up compared to solid colored walls. But that is okay, at least get your creative mind going!

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Image Source: Pinterest

Bright, Solid Colored Wall

This could also be a good addition to a home. If you have a home you wish to spice up, why not color it something bright? This way you will always have a good wall to use as a blog photo backdrop.

Image Source: Pixabay

Boho-inspired Tapestry

It could be any kind of tapestry, actually. They are easy to put up and put down. It could be used for photos lying down, or standing up. It is easy to get creative with tapestries.

Image Source: Pinterest


A mural is a bold addition at home, but it may add a bit of quirk to a boring wall. If you blog for a living, you need a constant backdrop to use for your blogs, and you have a wall you want to jazz up, then creating a mural might be a good idea.

Image Source: Pinterest


Curtains are easy to find at home. Add some lights, some greenery and you have a fairytale inspired backdrop.

Image Source: Pinterest

Faux Fur and Fancy Carpets

This is great for images of products and objects. It gives off a luxurious feel to images.

Image Source: Iconscout

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