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Essential Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

Essential Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

Your tools are your best friends when it comes to blogging especially if you’re a one-man (or woman) enterprise. They can make your job a lot easier at a relatively low cost; all you have to do is to reach out and grab them, maybe a little research and learning aptitude helps. In any case, some of these tools are better off as Google Chrome extensions for SEO tasks.

True, there are limitless plugins available for free on WordPress, but cramming them all in your backend will surely affect your website’s speed. That’s why it’s better to rely on some Google Chrome extensions for SEO; with them, you can divert the bandwidth and memory load onto your browser or computer, which helps in a faster website.

Of course, this might increase your Google Chrome’s memory consumption but the same can be said for having too many window tabs with your software tools open anyway; those are also clunkier so it’s better to have Google Chrome extensions for SEO purposes at the very least.

Page Analytics by Google

As the name says, this browser extension was made by Google for you guys. That means you can expect it to be quality due to the “home-court advantage.” In any case, Page Analytics is a robust tool you can use to check how users are interacting with your blog’s pages.

It displays information such as where your users click, how many customers are interacting with your website, and how many users are active at any given time. Of course, it also displays the usual metrics such as page views, bounce rate, and other useful information in a simple click.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is also available for Mozilla Firefox should you prefer a less memory-hungry beast. Regardless, the extension offers bloggers the baseline metrics they need to keep track of in regard to SEO such as the monthly search volume, cost-per-click, and competition.

Moreover, with this extension installed, you no longer have to open a new tab, go to your favorite keyword tracker website or software, and type in the information. All it takes is a click on your browser and arguably fewer actions to perform.


Now, if you want something more comprehensive than what Keywords Everywhere has to offer, SEMrush has something similar and more serious. The SEO website/software has its very own browser extension that displays and reports nearly everything you need to know about your site’s SEO.

This doesn’t come cheap, however– it actually only comes at a premium price of $99 per month. Still, the testimonies speak for themselves; it’s also worth looking into especially if you have the budget for it or are ready to graduate into a bigger blog or company.

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Long and messy website URL’s and domain names are disorienting; they can throw off search engine algorithms especially when calculating website authority. In turn, this can affect SEO. Hence, when using links that are long and obnoxious, can fix those for you by shortening them.

Now, does this also affect SEO negatively? Apparently not, so feel free to use a URL shortener when it comes to links or any other sharing opportunities. In fact, shortening URL’s is even recommended. It’s also a free browser extension and isn’t too heavy either.

Redirect Path

Ever wanted to have your very own corrective software like an automated proofreader but for SEO and technical stuff instead? Redirect Path might be what you’re looking for. What it does is to look for the most obvious SEO and coding mistakes you’re doing for your content.

Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

After that, this browser extension will highlight those mistakes for you and then correct them. This includes Javascript errors, three-digit error codes, and more. It’s similar to Yoast’s readability and SEO metric plugin in that regard but more attentive.


Collaboration and blogger communication is key to a harmonious blogosphere and also essential to learning. That’s why knowing how to contact bloggers or website owners is important. Hunter is browser extension that can help you immensely in that task.

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Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

When you happen upon a website with this extension installed, it can list or find the contact details of the owner for you. You can even do a domain search where Hunter will fetch a domain’s owner information and contact details. It definitely lives up to its name.


BuzzSumo is like Google Trends but more handy and fun. It’s a great tool for marketers; it lets you search for the most popular content currently available for any topic at any time. You can even check how a particular website’s content is doing in terms of SEO or views.

Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

You can do this without leaving the browser tab you’re in; it also takes minimal effort compared to using a website or a standalone software on your computer. Let’s not forget: you can use BuzzSumo to see how well the competition is doing so you can replicate their success.


One of the best ways to get backlinks from other websites is by looking for broken links in a particular site and then offering up your own content links as a replacement. Such a practice is time-consuming and is best left up to Google Chrome extensions for SEO. LinkMiner can do that for you.

Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

Linkminer makes the task of broken link-building a breeze. It will automate the hard work for you and present you with potential backlink opportunities. All that’s left for you to do is to reach out to the website owners. It’s that easy.

Page Load Time

Every millisecond of your page speed counts especially these days with rapid internet connections and short attention spans. That means keeping tabs on your website speed and ensuring that it remains quick is paramount; Page Load Time makes this task less tedious.

Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

Page Load Time’s job is simple: to measure the site speed or page speed in with you using the fewest clicks possible. It doesn’t get more valuable than that. With these Google Chrome extensions for SEO, you’ll be on your way to a better blog or website.

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