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9 Gifts for Bloggers

9 Gifts for Bloggers

We are days away from the holidays and buying gifts had never been easier! Thank goodness for Amazon and one-day shipping. Blogging is such a likeable career path nowadays and I’m pretty sure everyone has a friend or two who are in the business. So, if you are thinking of buying a gift, what do you think would be most helpful for our blogger friends?

Here are some cool gift ideas for bloggers:

Physical gifts and gadgets

Robot Vacuum

With all the work bloggers have on a daily basis, we don’t really get the time to clean up. A robot vacuum is a great tool that could help bloggers ease up on housework. A robot vacuum is a great playmate for their cats and dogs, too.

Vlogging Camera

One of the best gifts to give our blogger friends would be something they could use for their work on a regular basis. A vlogging camera and there are a lot of brands out there, is definitely a great (albeit expensive) choice. So, if you dearly love your blogger friends or you are a blogger looking for a gift for yourself, a high-quality vlogging camera is always a worthy investment.


A planner is something cute a lot of us get to use for a few months before we forget about them for the rest of the year. But, hey, maybe this year is different, right? A planner is a great gift, for bloggers and non-bloggers. This is a great tool that could help us with schedules, meetings, reminders, and notes. Or, it is also a great place to practice our calligraphy hobbies. Let us let our blogger friends de-stress by practicing their scrapbooking and calligraphy with a great planner.

Portable Espresso Machine

Honestly, we all know that bloggers work late nights and early mornings – editing, writing, and planning. If you are looking for a gift for your best blogger friend, the best thing would be something that would perk them up. Why not purchase a portable espresso machine for them? These are easy to carry and lightweight, something they could bring anywhere they go for that yummy coffee fix anytime and anywhere.

Digital Clock

Blogging is not all about the work, sometimes it’s also about the aesthetic. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a cool and quirky digital alarm clock, right? Besides, with all the work bloggers have, a digital clock is a handy tool they need to remind them that THERE ARE DEADLINES TO MEET.

Subscriptions and virtual Presents

Because we are still in a pandemic and going out is not the same as before, why not give your blogger friend a virtual present? These could come in digital cards, subscriptions, and even gift cards. Here are some of the best virtual gift ideas:

Print at home gift cards

We don’t want to be wasting money on gifts that our friends would not be able to use. If you are pressed for time to think of a gift, an Amazon gift card would be a great choice. Not only can our blogger friends be able to choose a gift of their liking, they could also choose a time to spend it.

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Spotify Premium

Listening to music is one fo the best ways to relax after a long day of work. Giving our friends a Spotify premium subscription is a thoughtful gift. Not only are we thinking about the work they do, we also show them that we care about their relaxation and well-being.

Grammarly Subscription

THIS. This is probably the ultimate, most-trust worthy gift anyone could give a blogger. Not only would it make their work so much easier, a Grammarly subscription is also a useful tool not only for their writing work but everywhere else.

Uber Eats Gift Card

There will be days when bloggers have so much work, they don’t have the energy (or time) to cook. An UberEats gift card is a thoughtful gift that they could use anytime, and anywhere.

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