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30 Topic Ideas for Halloween

30 Topic Ideas for Halloween

Of course, it is customary to write something about the holiday on days leading to Halloween. Writing about its history, the basics, and whatnots is an evergreen topic idea. Why? Because there are so many ranges of things to write about it. You could focus on trivia, statistics, and the basics. Writing about common mistakes, spending, thrift tips, DIYs, are also great variations to this.

Right off the bat, there are a lot of topic ideas for Halloween that you could write about. It could be about the holiday itself.  Here are some titles you could try about this topic:

The A-Z Of Halloween

Quick and Fun Trivia You Should Know as a Halloween Lover

Why Have a Halloween?

How to Make Your 2021 Halloween Fabulous

XX Ways Halloween is Celebrated All Over the World

However, if you like to write something more Halloween-specific ideas to make sure to drive in all the good, organic traffic, we got you covered. We have compiled a few good topic ideas for you to try out this Halloween.

COVID Halloween Ideas

Even if the world is already starting to recover from the pandemic, we are not completely out of it yet. So, your blog is a great platform to share ideas about how to do Halloween with COVID still among us. Besides, it is still better to remind our readers to err with caution. This is a good topic as it will be a question in a lot of parents’ minds – how do we do Halloween with COVID-19? 

Write about these titles if you’re in a rut:

Pros and Cons to Having a Halloween Party in 2021

Virtual Halloween Parties to Attend for 2021

Make Halloween Fun, and safe, at Home With These Ideas

XX Ways to Give Out Halloween Candy With Less Contact

How to Make Your Virtual Halloween Party Extra Fun

Halloween Decoration Ideas

We all have a few boxed-up Halloween decorations in the garage, and we all use them every year. But sometimes, we just want a little spice in our decorations. Everyone wants to make unique and witty designs that will make anyone who sees it say, “Oh, I wish I thought of that!”. Also, everyone wants to make the designs as spooky and realistic as they can. What’s the sense of doing Halloween decorations if not to spook out other people, right? Because of this, the topic (Halloween decoration ideas) is one of the most searched topics about the holiday. Putting it up on your blog will surely bring in some organic traffic.

You could try writing about these topics for fun:

XX Halloween Decorations from Your Recycling

Neighborhood Halloween Decorations on the Internet that Will Surely Get You Spooked

Impressive Halloween Decoration Ideas You Can Do with A Trash Bag and Some Paint

XX Reasons Why You Should Not Throw Away Your Old Halloween Decorations

Image Source: Pexels

Costume Concepts and Designs

This is probably the most searched Halloween-related topic on the internet every October – costumes. To meet the readers’ demands, why not put up a post on your blog about Halloween costume concepts and designs? Other than there is high demand for the topic, there is also an impressively wide range of topic ideas you could choose from.

Here are some topic ideas you could try out:

XX Costumes You Are Sure to See Everyone Wear This Year (Harley Quinn All Over Again, right?)

XX Places to Buy or Rent a Halloween Costume

Go for it: Inflatable Halloween Costumes to Try for this Year

XX Last-minute Halloween Ideas for Procrastinators

Comfort over Fashion: Halloween Costume Concepts That Are Comfy to Wear

Holiday Destinations for Halloween

Writing about holiday destinations for Halloween may sound like an unusual topic, but people still do search for it. Although, Halloween is not really ‘vacation time for a lot of people many of our readers live and breathe the holiday.  We all have readers that want to look for the spook instead of bringing Halloween home. Besides, anyone would look for any reason to take much-needed vacations, even Halloween.

Try writing about these topics about Holiday destinations for Halloween:

Celebrate Halloween-Like Traditions in These Great Places Around the World

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XX Terrifying Places in the World That Will Surely Bring You the Spooks

Halloween every day: Look Out for These Halloween-related Holidays

Recipes and Ideas for Halloween Candy

Image Source: Pxhere

Halloween candy is not what it used to be 30 years ago with whole foods, veganism, and other diet trends going around. Now, we must all be a little more cautious about what we offer kids as Halloween treats. Compared to writing about costumes and decorations, writing about Halloween candy recipes is a little more unique.

Here are a few tricks on writing about Halloween candy:

XX Vegan-friendly Halloween Treats You Should Serve This Year

Avoid These XX Candies for Halloween

Easy-peasy No-Bake Halloween Dessert Recipes For You to Try

A Compilation of XX Last-Minute Halloween Candy Ideas

XX Ways to Make Your Kids Eat Healthier Halloween Treats

Horror Stories Galore

We all know that Halloween is all about the horror, the spook, and the terror. Everyone loves a good horror story; compiling a few on your blog is sure to be a hit. If you want to write something about horror stories, there are a lot of topics to write about.

What about trying these topics for Halloween?

XX Spookiest Movies to Watch for Halloween Night

XX Scariest Stories and Threads to Read on Twitter

True-to-life Horror Stories We Didn’t Know About

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