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Why You Should Handwrite Your Blog Post First

Why You Should Handwrite Your Blog Post First

So you’ve spent hours working in front of the screen but you still want to write that blog post. Perhaps it’s about what you miss or things you have realized during the COVID-19 lockdown. Why not take a well-deserved screen break and handwrite your blog post?

Save your eyes from screen fatigue.

Work hours have extended for many professionals due to the ongoing global pandemic. That means more screen exposure not just for job-related duties but for personal tasks as well.

But why bother if you have to type in your story later on anyway?

Analog writing takes you away from the screen, especially when you tend to stare at a blinking cursor waiting for ideas to come for quite a long time. Prolonged screen exposure can take a toll on your eyes. Save them from screen fatigue by moving them away from the glare of you monitor, and even the brightness of your smartphone, by getting a pen and notebook and inking your ideas down.

Image by FotoRieth from Pixabay

Take things slow.

Writing by hand may seem like a chore. Typing seems faster after all. Just key in your words, click publish, and you’re done with your thought piece. Pen and paper is slower. But that’s precisely why handwriting your blog post might actually help. It is a change of pace from the digital world’s instant speed. Treat it as a break. You also don’t have to worry if your handwriting is bad. Your handwriting is for your eyes only at this point. It is also the most intimate exercise of communicating your thoughts. The tactile feel of pushing pen on paper is a therapeutic experience for most, which helps in keeping your mental health in check with all the stress around you. On that aspect.

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Discover your penmanship.

[youtube] Handwriting is a manner of expressing yourself without words. Every stroke bears your feeling: heavy strokes of anger to light strokes of bliss. You might also discover that your penmanship is not so bad after all, and decide to work on making it more beautiful. Each person has his or her own art of penmanship, and the simple act of handwriting your blog post first is a great way to practice. Who knows, you might end up keeping a journal if you haven’t started one yet, especially one for thoughts that you would prefer to keep offline.

You can get fancy with your pens and notebooks.

Once you’re gotten the hang of drafting your blog posts on paper first, you will probably think of trying one of those luxurious-looking writing materials. Or maybe you have an old fountain pen lying around in the house. Perhaps it was a gift from a friend, or a hand-me-down within the family. Aside from pens, you might also have one of those hard-bound leather notebooks that you never really got to use. Now is the time to try them out.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

For some, having that nice combination of pen and paper helps in improving the writing process. Others prefer having their favorite cup of coffee as they scribble their ideas away in the analog way. To handwrite your blog post is to mainly provide you that space that is intimately your own, away from the screen that connects you to the digital realm, as you dive into the world of your thoughts with your own hands. That way, you go back online refreshed, with a draft on hand to guide your blogging.

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