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How to Adapt Your Blog to Increasing Zero-Click Searches

How to Adapt Your Blog to Increasing Zero-Click Searches

How do Zero-Click Searches affect a blog?

According to recent studies, almost 50% of internet searches on the Google search engine do not result in organic traffic (or clicks) to websites or webpages. These searches that do not generate traffic towards a webpage or website is what is known as a zero-click search. There are a variety of reasons why this happens. Time and again, humans have grown impatient and crave information that could instantly be retrieved within seconds. To adapt to this, Google has improved its design to allow its users to maximize the “Search Engine Results Page” or SERP by allowing for simple and concise information in less than a second.

Because of these zero-click searches, blogs and webpages will experience a continuous decline in organic traffic and interaction for years to come. If this happens, a blog can reduce its earnings. If zero-click searches will not be optimized, there may come a time when costs to run a blog or webpage will be more expensive than the amount the site could earn. Now, nobody wants that to happen.

Tips to adapt to Zero-Click Searches. Image Source: Pixabay

Ways to Adapt Blog to Zero-click Searches

Even if internet traffic is reduced significantly by more than 50%, it does not mean that websites and blogs cannot be monetizable. It is just a matter of improving the webpage and strategizing to gain more internet traffic. Here are a few ways on how to adapt your blog to the increasing instances of zero-click searches:

Use question-based keywords rather than specific keyphrase

Another good strategy is to target the “People ask” section of browser pages. It is more common for internet users to type in question-based search words than specific keywords. Examples of this would be ‘how to optimize zero-click searches’, ‘what are zero-click searches’, or ‘why do zero-click searches exist’. Instead of simply searching “optimize zero-click searches” or” zero-click searches”. Keeping this in mind when selecting SEO keywords for any content can improve a webpage’s search rank.

People ask block on Google’s SERP. Image Source: Google Search

Improve the quality of your content

Gaining more internet traffic to any blog or website always begins with the topic. It is, without fail, always better to use engaging topics that will appeal to readers. For any blog entry, an interesting topic will surely generate multiple viewers. However, avoid ‘click-bait’ topics to ensure the credibility of the webpage or blog. Of course, the quality of the content is always reliant on how well the piece is written. Maybe it is good to invest in writing workshops or professional writers for a page. Another sure-fire way to improve the quality of blog content is to add related images and videos. The more visually enticing a page is, the more traffic it could generate. People use the internet mostly to pass time, not everyone enjoys text-heavy articles on the internet.

Featured Snippets will save your blogs

Google has improved search optimization through what is known as a featured snippet. A featured snippet presents the title and relevant content of any related webpage to the search keyword or phrase. Since it already presents such data, users have no use to actually read through articles or content on different websites.  These featured snippets are the main reason why zero-click searches occur. Knowing different types of featured snippets can help in learning how to rank in Google search. Think of featured snippets as an ad for a website or blog. The more visually enticing it is, the better the page’s rank.

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Featured snippets are always on top of Google Search. Image Source: Google Search

Target to be top at the SERP

The best way to gain more internet traffic is to always provide instant answers. If a page provides answers in lists, tables, graphs, videos, or images, then the page can become a top result in Google. The best way to target the top of Google’s result page is to improve and maximize the website’s featured snippets. Search engines are so powerful that it could make or break a website. Ranking in Google’s SERP will surely boost webpage interactions and clicks. Not only that, ranking at the top of Google’s SERP already establishes that a blog or website is not only credible but also trustworthy, secure, and safe. This is especially important for online businesses and stores. Ranking at the top will also reduce costs for ads and marketing.

The classic link building technique

This is actually a pretty popular SEO strategy that could help increase blog and webpage interaction. If more pages, content, or blogs link back to your website, this will surely gain back the traffic. Simply leaving links and random (rather annoying) comments on discussions does not do the trick. How can this be done? Commenting, interacting, and following discourse on themes and topics related to your blog is a good start to increase not only your popularity but credibility as well. One easy way to do this is to join forums and discussion websites like Quora and Reddit.

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