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How to Get More Comments For Your Blog Posts

How to Get More Comments For Your Blog Posts

Not having many comments for your blog posts is by no means a sign that your content isn’t likable. After all, comments are never an accurate measure of a content’s popularity. Still, popular content tends to have more comments and more comments always equates to more discussion about your blog’s content.

As it happens, discussions within the internet regarding your blog content is a healthy way of making your blog more engaging. Then again, getting more comments for your blog posts is easier said than done. It’s not really that easy to gauge what will spark people’s interest or dispel their shyness enough for them to comment.

That’s why we’re here, to discuss certain content tactics that allow your content to generate more buzz. Of course, these are clean and honest tricks to make your content more engaging, not some dubious comment ploys like clickbait or misleading headlines. Read on to know more.

Don’t publish too often

First off, make sure that you pace your content’s appearance on the front page of your blog or website. That means publishing sparingly until you’re sure that a content post has had the spotlight long enough. That’s because people are more inclined to comment on whichever’s the most apparent on your website.

More Comments For Your Blog Posts

Publishing too often will replace what’s in the spotlight of your blog; it essentially makes your content cannibalize one other’s views and comments. This is even more important if you run a video blog or are a YouTuber too. Learning to gate content and when to release them can make or break site engagement.

Make commenting easy

Have you ever wanted to comment on one website’s post only to get annoyed by its comment plugin that you forego commenting altogether? Then you can probably imagine that the same effect will happen to other people.

Having them go through too many hoops like authentications, email verifications, and needing a non-social media account to comment is just daunting busywork. Make it easy for them by choosing a proper comment section plugin that doesn’t get in the way of social engagements for your blog. Your audience will thank you for it.

Ask the community for backlinks

This will only work if there are blogging authorities bigger than you (which is most of the time). Getting an expert on a certain niche or subject matter link back to one of your contents can be a sure way to get more comments for your blog posts like those precious long discussion threads or praises at the very least.

More Comments For Your Blog Posts

That’s because bloggers who might have a bigger audience than you are basically recommending your blog, sharing some of their viewership numbers to you. They have to be alright with this, so practice on that rapport of yours and don’t be shy– ask the community for help and give help back in return.

Write conversationally and passionately

Your writing, whether it’s for a video blog script, news, or storytelling in a written blog post reflects how interested you are with what you do. Never underestimate how people will notice this; because they are bound to notice the work you put in your writing and be more inclined to comment.

At the same time, you don’t want to intimidate them or think that you’re a bot. As much as possible or allowed, do make your writing style easy on the eyes, meaning conversational and fun; make it so like you’re talking to them and are expecting their replies. If that’s not possible, then at least put some energy into your content by using more verbs or fewer adjectives.

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Bust some myths, start some arguments

Going against the flow is a good way to get attention, especially when done right. You’re probably aware that there are certain standard beliefs or notions within each culture or society, right? Like how fat doesn’t actually make you fat but sugar does? Initiating discussions like those in your content will surely get you more comments for your blog posts.

More Comments For Your Blog Posts

Busting some traditional notions can have a revelatory effect on many people that once believed such myths to be true. This generates a feeling of awe. However, you have to remember to keep it constructive and don’t offend anyone, especially in matters concerning religion, politics, or gender, etc.

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Tug their heartstrings

Ever seen those viral Twitter or Facebook videos about heartwarming feel-good stuff with tens of thousands of likes? Their comment sections are also endless. Now, there’s a common denominator to them that you can use to get more comments for your blog posts and that is the emotional pull.

If you can add some emotions to your storytelling or something relatable for your audience, then some of them will not shy away from sharing similar sentiments in the comment section. Make your audience cry, laugh, depressed, angry (not at you, of course), or happy and they’ll be discussing away faster than you know it.


Now, it’s time for you to give back to your audience. Do reward them if you can with coupons, discounts, or even free items from some of your partners. Before you know it, they’ll be swarming your comment section. It’s free stuff, after all, and everyone will want it.

Not only are you being generous, but you’ll also be building your own community in your blog full of regulars who might even frequent your site, not just for freebies. This is also another way to boost your subscriber numbers so by all means, be a bountiful god– er, blogger.


Once you have seen some comments on your website, it’s time to unleash your public relations skills. We’re talking about replying to each and every comment as long as you can or as long as the discussion is relevant. This gives you and your readers or viewers a better relationship.

More Comments For Your Blog Posts

In turn, it also increases your blog’s engagement and the likelihood of getting more shares or being more visible on Google. Just ensure that no one is spewing out any toxicity, you included; as a rule of thumb, keep your comment section healthy.

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