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How to Optimize Your Blog for the Holidays

How to Optimize Your Blog for the Holidays

There are multiple ways on how to optimize your blog for the holidays. People use the internet more during this season not only to shop for gifts and goodies but to also read about a lot of things. E-commerce websites are not the only ones benefitting from the annual holiday hype. It does not matter if you have a news website, an e-commerce page, or a content-based blog. These ways could work for any kind of blog! It is always important to make sure that your blog or website is holiday-ready. Here are a few tips on how to do this:

Invest in additional security

When building a blog, security should always be a priority especially if you require sensitive information from your readers. Investing in additional security will not only boost readers’ confidence in accessing your blog, but they will also be more comfortable in signing up for subscriptions or even giving monetary contributions to your blog. There are multiple easy-to-use security plug-ins available on the internet for almost any CMS platforms.

Why should you protect your website for the holidays? Any website could suffer from a breach at any time of the year. but it would be especially hassling if it happens on a holiday. Security experts always say that the holiday season is the best hacking season. Hackers are more active during winter and websites are extra vulnerable during the holidays.

Of course, any blog owner should make sure that their pages are up in running all the time. Not only will the blogger spend so much time working to fix the page, but they will also lose credibility from trusted readers.

Consider improving your blog’s mobile site speed

Realistically, a blog should always be accessible via mobile devices. This is since people are starting to prefer using mobile devices more to access the internet than a normal desktop computer. In fact, some studies suggest that by 2025 less than a quarter of internet users will use desktop computers to access the world wide web. This is why ensuring the speed of your blog on a mobile device should be one of your priorities, especially during holidays. More people are staying home, vacation days are also longer. This means more people would be on their mobile devices for longer periods than normal. Your blog will always have competition. Slow blogs don’t get as much interaction as fast ones.

Boost your blog’s social media presence

Not only are readers on their mobile phones more during the holidays, but they are also sure to be using social media more. Many people use social media to read and even share articles and written posts. This is why it is always a good idea to build up social media presence and gain a good enough following before the holidays. Consistency in updates and posts are essential to maintain a good social media following.

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Experts say that social media have low conversion rates than any other platform on the internet for e-commerce websites but are good for content-based pages. This is why there is no reason to stop using social media altogether as there is valuable user engagement from social media. For instance, brand awareness is always influenced by social media. If your blog runs strictly on trends, then social media could provide quality user interactions.

Optimize your blog for the holidays by updating old posts

Let’s be honest, it could be difficult to create unique content during the holidays. Not only that, every other blog could be writing about the same things you’re thinking about. This is why, sometimes, it is a good idea to recycle and update old posts. Choose topics or posts that were popular from years prior and update them. Revamping old content can be a good idea as long as it is still relatable. Thinking about writing travel tips for the holidays but you have done it before? Maybe write a new perspective on the topic. Are you considering blogging about the best gifts to give for the holidays but you do this every year? Why not try writing about zero-expense gifts for Christmas.

Review and research trending keywords

The holidays are an annual thing but the trends always change every year. It is good to create content on keywords that you are sure would get a high following on the days before and after the holidays. You could use old data from previous years to project which keywords would be most searched during the holiday seasons. There are seasonal keywords and experience will surely teach you this. However, it is still good to do research on what kinds of specific trends could come up. You should be all eyes and ears to find out which keywords are trending for the coming year as well.

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