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How to Start a Book Blog Today

How to Start a Book Blog Today

how to start a book blog

yourAs you may have noticed, reading is trending across all generations. This means that now is as wonderful a time as ever to start a book blog. Whether you just got into reading, or have been a literature lover for as long as you can remember, there’s a space for you in the world of book blogs.

Here is a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to starting a book blog.

How to Start

The first thing you will need to do is get started on a blogging platform. A few of my favorites are WordPress, Bluehost, Wix, and Squarespace. Since each blog is different, it’s important to research which platform you think will fit the best with what you are wanting to get out of your blog.

Once you choose a site, you will need to pick out a blog title and username. This will be vital to your platform. Then set up social media accounts for your blog. These can go along with your blog to increase readers and site traffic.

What to Write About

The question of what to write about when starting a book blog can be incredibly overwhelming. Most readers have so much that they want to dive into that it can be difficult to pick a niche and run with it. Some bloggers focus on book reviews, while others may treat their blog as a book journal where they annotate or highlight any parts of the book they are reading and use it as a discussion topic with their readers. There are plenty of avenues to take when deciding what to write about. The best part about book blogs is that they are constantly changing because the author is constantly reading new books. Book blogs are the carousel that keeps on turning. But alas, once you decide on an avenue to take your blog, you are ready to get started.

There are a few key points you should keep up with and a few you should avoid when starting a book blog.

Keep Up: Networking and Socializing

When starting a blog, your audience may be quite limited. By branching out and finding others in your blogging community to socialize with online and support, you will have an easier time growing your own blog. Bloggers love to support other bloggers. This is not something that should go away once your blog is established, these are friendships and comrades you should keep!

Avoid: Commenting Just to Comment 

Engagement is great. But if you treat your blog like a college discussion post, it can create distrust among your readers or blogging peers. When commenting on other blog posts, or responding to the comments on your own blog, you should be sincere. On the off chance that your comment has a more negative or differing tone, if you word it in an informative voice, rather than accusatory or judgemental, the reader of that comment will be much more receptive. It is essential to always remember that there is a real person behind each comment and behind each post. So take them seriously as it is vital for your blog and for others.

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Keep Up: Making Changes as You See Fit

There is no rule saying your blog has to stay the exact same as it was when you started. With book blogging in particular, if your taste in literature or writing style has changed as you have grown as both a reader and a writer, it is absolutely okay to change your blog to show those changes. People change and so can blogs.

Avoid: Trying to fit into a mold that was not made for you. 

Society will always have a trendy mold that it seems everyone wants to fit into. But the great thing about reading and books is that it celebrates diversity. The world of literature, and blogging for that matter, love different points of view, and avenues of life. If you wouldn’t typically pick up a book about enemies to lovers, then don’t include it on your “to be read” list. Your readers will want to know the real you. So show what you really want to read, and share your love of different with them.

Just because social media has said everyone should love a certain book, does not mean you have to pretend to love it and write an incredible review for it. Blogs would be nothing without diverse opinions! If you love the book, say it, and if it was not your favorite, that is okay too. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Your readers will love you even more once they are able to truly see your style and preferences.

Wrap Up

Now that you know how to start a book blog using the best tips and tricks as well as knowing what to avoid, you are ready to launch your love of books and writing on the best platform for your blogging needs.

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