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How to Write Fresh Blog Content After Years on the Job

How to Write Fresh Blog Content After Years on the Job

Make no mistake, writing for a living is a grind. Though many people have a romantic vision of bloggers and blog-writing, the reality is that writing blog content day in day out for years at a time is a taxing endeavor. Indeed, blogging for that long of a time period requires more than mere “inspiration;” it takes a lot of hard graft too. To wit, coming up with fresh content for a site when you’ve written extensively for is one of the most challenging aspects of modern blogging. Here, we’ll provide a guide for bloggers in the grip of writer’s block and explain how you can create exciting content that strikes a chord with your readers:

Answer an FAQ

It’s easy for bloggers who’ve covered a subject many times before to assume that their niche readership understands everything that they do. However, newcomers to your site may not have encountered esoteric terms, abbreviations, or complex subjects before. As such, going back to basics and writing a blog that addresses an FAQ is a great way to spark your blog back to life.

Head to a Conference

Think you know everything there is to know about a given subject? Chances are, you don’t. Even experts in their field have gaps in their knowledge, and you can always learn something new if you have the desire to do so. Going to an industry conference, then, is a great way to expose yourself to cutting-edge ideas and alternative perspectives. Additionally, engaging in microlearning sessions and attending webinars are other savvy methods to educate yourself on a topic further.  

Take a Chance

No blogger can successfully court an audience if they don’t take a risk at some point. Writing bland, non-controversial blogs may be easy, but it won’t produce the results you’re after. Most blog-writers have a topic or two they’re hesitant to cover for one reason or another. Depending on your situation, now may be the perfect time to try something different and make a splash with your work.

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Critique Old Work

Bloggers who have been writing for years on the same site probably feel differently about certain issues now than when they first started. Fortunately, you can always go back to an old piece and use it as a model for a new blog. Critique your previous work, update it, or even take some time out to explain why a change in your industry occurred. Old content can become fresh again with a few key alterations!

Get Writing

All writers feel the intimidation of the blank page from time to time. The only way to make sure that you conquer your writer’s block is to get your fingers moving. Start writing about something –– anything –– and eventually you’ll find a path forward for a new blog post. The key is to stay focused and to keep writing –– no matter how “uninspired” you may feel.

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