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Join this Niche: Inspirational Charitable and Non-Profit Blogs

Join this Niche: Inspirational Charitable and Non-Profit Blogs

Many organizations start with simply spreading awareness and education throughout the populations. However, to create programs that could meet this goal, they would need aid and support from donors. This could be done both physically (through volunteering) and financially (through donating). Charitable organizations have existed for centuries, helping millions all over the world. However, these organizations do have to change with the tides and develop through time. The internet is a great tool for this.

Charitable organizations and non-profits need an online presence so they could have a wider reach of donors and supporters. It is through the websites and blogs that interested people from all corners of the world could learn about their advocacies and their missions. If you are a small organization or an individual with a big heart who has a passion for helping others, here are a few inspirational Charitable and Non-Profit Blogs:

#1 TechSoup – Technology for Non-Profits

TechSoup is not exactly a non-profit blog. It is an international network of non-government organizations that built a website to provide tech support for non-profits. Simply, it is a website that aids non-profit blogs to be internet ready. It provides technological tools, website development advice, cloud management tips, and many more. However, all the services do come with a fee but the great news is that most products and services are offered at a discounted price. The website does not just offer services and products, they also publish relevant content on a regular basis. How-to articles and tips are very helpful for small non-profit organizations who are still planning to create their first website.

Image Source: TechSoup

If you are an individual who has a wide range of knowledge in website design, technology, and web development, maybe creating a blog to help non-profits create their own websites be good content for you.

#2 Classy – Online Fundraising for Non-Profits

Let’s all admit it, fundraising is not an easy feat. For these very modern times, motivating an individual or a group to donate for a cause takes a lot of branding. Classy, a website that helps nonprofits, provides fundraising solutions for charitable organizations and non-profits.

Image Source: Classy

Mostly, the website does branding to help a cause gain more attention. For example, they help in creating website donation landing pages, virtual events, crowdfunding pages, and more. On the latest news, Google has created an assistant that aids blogs and charitable pages to get donations from users and website visitors. It is a donation shortcut that allows users to easily donate money, without all the fuss and hassle. Through this Google assistant, humanitarian causes, non-profit blogs, and charitable organizations could stimulate more funding from donations.

#3 The Storytelling Non-Profit – Engage and Inspire Donors

One important challenge any non-profit organization should overcome is to get people’s attention towards their advocacies. This is why hiring writers, speakers, and consultants for this is necessary to get both engage and inspire donors.

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Image Source: Storytelling Non-Profit

The Storytelling Non-profit is a website that provides support and seminars for audience and user engagement. It teaches how to create content, how to improve the content, and more. Communication and management in non-profit organizations are necessary for its success.

#4 The Non-profit Times – Leading Publication for Non-profit Management

This website is not a blog either, but it is a collection of the latest news for charitable organizations all over the world. It helps NGOs and other such groups gain international attention. It also gives a sense of urgency for concerns that matter most at any given moment. The Non-Profit Times is a publication website that focuses entirely on breaking news and special reports not only about charitable organizations but the management of nonprofits as well.

Image Source: The NonProfit Times

#5 Whole Whale – Data for Social Impact Organizations

Just like other websites, this is a non-profit group that helps other non-profit groups use data analytics and SEO to create a larger impact on audiences. In truth, for many nonprofit organizations, getting an audience is what matters the most. Gaining donations and volunteers are just adverse effects of gaining a wider audience range.

Image Source: Whole Whale

The Whole Whale help in data analysis, data strategies, and even web development. They focus not only on website building but also on maximizing social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. How are we going to create a website that creates social impact? The Whole Whale can help with that

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