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Learn From These Tech Review Blogs Before Starting Your Own

Learn From These Tech Review Blogs Before Starting Your Own

Tech review blogs are abundant on the internet. Some have creative gimmicks, while others have incredible reach. However, real gadget geeks would know that it is all about quality content. One great way to be able to compete with tech review blogs on the internet is to create content that is relevant and unique. People watch video blogs and read written blogs regularly, especially when they are considering gadget upgrades.

Here are some of the most popular tech review blogs available online and what kind of content they create for their audiences:

The Verge

The Verge is very much one of the most popular tech websites on the internet. It covers different topics from the latest trending and contemporary gadgets to the latest developments in the industry. The blog also covers topics on lifestyle and wearable technology. Although it is styled more like a magazine, this is still one great blog to be inspired by.


It is a news and media website more than a tech blog but it deals with the latest news on Tech personalities and celebrities. How are we going to be rich like Jeff Bezos? The blog also deals with social and tech news like how technology affects climate change, or how new tech startups can boost the economy. TechCrunch is not only one of the most popular, but it is also one of the richest blogs on the internet.


Old but gold. This is where old-school tech whizzes go to for advice when buying the latest PC upgrades during pre-mobile phone times. Gives details not only on-trend but on feedback on the hardware in incredible detail. Even if it is one of the oldest tech review blogs on the internet, it is still on top of its game. What is even greater about this website is the fact that it gives expert ratings for the latest technology.


What Gizmodo is great at is providing guides on not only how to use but how to maximize a gadget’s potential. There are topics on how to fix bugs, there are also topics on how to maximize a gadget through apps. Any gadget lover will surely see the worth of Gizmodo on any day. Writing about guides takes a steady stream of readers. This kind of content creation is good for building online communities.


Let’s be honest, many people buy gadgets for games. How else can you learn about games and consoles without following game-related blogs? IGN is a great blog to read for a one-stop destination of game console reviews, game reviews, and more. The blog is even awarded by the Guinness Book of World Records for being the top-visited gaming review website on the internet.


This website is similar to IGN but is more in a forum format. It still discusses the latest gadgets for games – both mobile and consoles. Creating forum-like content is excellent for creating communities to help readers find solutions to specific problems or concerns.


Any Mac or Apple lover would surely know this website. As it says on its blog name, it focuses on both news and rumors for the latest Apple gadgets. For anyone who considers buying Apple and Mac products, this website has an entire community that can help with purchasing decisions.


If there is a website for Mac and Apple lovers, there is also a website for Android supporters. This is an Android-specific blog discussing all the latest gadgets and updates for anything Android related. It discusses topics like release dates, the latest apps, additional features, and even OS updates. Not only that, it has a wide range of topics for all kinds of Android gadgets and tech.

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Sadly, this website is not about memes. However, it is the holy grail for gadget geeks. Sometimes, they even discuss topics that may sound unfamiliar to ordinary readers. Deep tech reviews for serious topics like chip performances, webcams development, battery technology, and the like. The website also discusses topics relating to technology celebrities like Zuckerberg and Bezos to real-world issues on politics, climate change, and culture. The blog even has a podcast for their avid fans.


This also one cool blog to be inspired by. The website teaches you all the ropes you need to be a tech pro. It covers tech review topics for almost any industry. It discusses software for the accounting industry. It also has reviews on apps and software that could be used for hiring. There are also topics on technology and healthcare.

How-to geek

This blog is great because it discusses regular apps and software we use regularly. Just focus on their tagline – “We Explain Technology”. It has tutorials on pretty complex issues with simple fixes. For instance, it has a tutorial for ‘How to Block Facebook Users from Messaging You on Instagram‘. It is a complex issue with a very simple fix.

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