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Need a Canva Alternative? 7 Apps For Your Content Design Needs

Need a Canva Alternative? 7 Apps For Your Content Design Needs

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There’s no denying that Canva brought about a major revolution in the design world. Indeed, it has some of the best, not to mention simple graphic designs you can find. The best thing about the platform is that it can be used by people of all experience levels. But even then, sometimes, it becomes mandatory to look for Canva alternatives, right?

After all, there’s no platform that has no downsides, and this includes Canva too. For instance, the platform now has some feature restrictions and price changes that can be a problem for many. So it’s not really surprising that people are now looking for Canva alternatives that will make their job easier without charging them over the top.

Others might be looking for options that will have cleaner interfaces. It could also be that you are in need of some unique features. Whatever the reason is, you don’t have to struggle for long to find suitable Canva alternatives!

Pick a Canva Alternative – 7 You Should Definitely Check Out!

There is no dearth of options when it comes to looking for alternatives to Canva. It all comes down to the features you need. Here are some of the best Canva alternatives that have the potential to cater to your content design needs to perfection.

Adobe Spark

This one undoubtedly gives tough competition to Canva with its incredible set of features. The best part is, you don’t even need other tools like InDesign or Photoshop to use it. And it’s free of cost too! Even if you buy the premium plans, this will still be a cheaper Canva alternative.

Of course, the free version of adobe spark is a little limited. But it’s not entirely useless. In fact, it gives you access to a large number of free icons and images. And you can use it to make social media and marketing designs too. You will have to make do with adobe spark’s watermark, though.

You will find premade templates for a variety of occasions on this platform, and it has sharing tools too. So you will be able to send your design to others or move them to another program in a jiffy.


If you are looking for a Canva alternative with a similar interface, this one’s for you. It features a quick search bar that you can use to find numerous templates and preset dimensions. It has a free plan, too, but that will restrict you to five design downloads monthly.

You can use the platform to add objects, set color palettes, and do so much more. It also allows you to drag and drop items.


This is another Canva alternative that you must check out if budget is not an issue because it’s a bit more expensive compared to other options. Visme is basically meant for more complicated designs.

You can use it to generate charts, widgets, and so on. It has many premade layouts that will make it pretty easy for you to make charts, infographics, and more. It also features a brand kit that will help you keep the logo and color scheme consistent. Visme is equipped with organization tools, too, which will help you keep everything smooth.


This one’s suitable for those who want to make graphics for social media or profile pages. In fact, it works pretty well for bloggers too. The templates you find here definitely have the perfect dimensions.

And, of course, who can forget about the millions of high-resolution images that you can access for free? The editing features of this one will definitely leave you impressed too.


If you are a beginner, stencil should be your most obvious choice considering how simple it is to use. It’s a sleek design application that will help you generate high-resolution images and that too without having to work with any other complicated software. Sounds perfect, right?

It’s basically meant for small businesses, so you won’t find many advanced features here. However, it does have unique design features like live previews and color pickers. And you can also share the images on other platforms.

Pixlr X

If you frequently have to work on complex designs, this is the platform you should check out as a Canva alternative. It’s also cheaper compared to other options, so that’s a definite plus.

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With this platform, you can access not only a graphic editor but also an advanced photo editing tool. It has innumerable stock images and stickers that you can use for your design needs, and you also can use the many texts, icons, and similar other assets you find here. You will also be pretty impressed with the beautiful templates and present dimensions.


This is one of those Canva alternatives that will give your designs much-needed freshness! Yes, you get pretty vibrant templates here which is why the platform is often used for Instagram stories and similar other purposes.

There are many templates you can use depending on your subscription. And you will find plenty of design elements to experiment with too. Naturally, it has images, illustrations, icons, and patterns for your design needs too.

There’s a granular locking feature, too, that you can use to create templates for teams. This platform works particularly well for people dealing with blog-related graphics or social media visuals.

Find a Canva Alternative Suited To Your Needs

We are just getting started. There are many other Canva alternatives that you can check out, too, which will help you with your content design needs just as you want. Which one should be your choice depends on your requirements.

A lot of factors will influence your decision. More often than not, people give the most importance to the interface. They want to work with simple design tools that will help them get done within a short span.

The good thing is, most Canva alternatives offer a free version. So you have the freedom to use the ones you find interesting and figure out what works best for you.

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