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See these Personal Style Blogs Before You Start your own

See these Personal Style Blogs Before You Start your own

Fashion is a broad spectrum of creativity. It is not just buying the latest trends or the most expensive brand. Fashion and style are all about creating the best version of the woman wearing it. Writing about fashion and personal style is very trendy these days. With the countless platforms available, any woman can start a personal style blog. There are influencers on TikTok and Instagram. Some influencers also use YouTube as a platform to give advice to their audience. Others make their own electronic magazines and websites to write about different styles and fashion trends for all kinds of women in the world.

When writing for a personal style blog, it is best to select a specific niche. Some influencers represent groups of women – indigenous fashion, minimalist groups, different age groups, and more. There are blogs written for moms, older people, and even busy career women. It is a reminder that fashion and personal style does not discriminate. Fashion is for every kind of woman. So, if you want to write about fashion and personal style, maybe taking inspiration from these blogs will be great before you start:

Kellie Brown, A Plus Sized Fashion Influencer

Fashion knows no size and there is no one better to say that than plus-sized fashion influencer, Kellie Brown. She shows all the kinds of styles from classic to not-so-classic fashion. She proves that no matter a woman’s size, she can be the foxy woman she always wanted to be.

Image Source: As I Get Dressed

Tenille Murphy, The Silver Fox

Fashion will forever be ageless. Tenille Murphy proves to the world that there is no such thing as age in fashion. She can rock all the kinds of styles that are believed to be for young ladies. Her silver hair always matches all of her clothing.

Image Source: Tennille Life

Tylynn Nguyen, Luxury and Elegance

Fashion is not always about what is visible and Tylynn Nguyen wants to remind women of this. She is the creative director of an entire line of luxurious sleepwear and lingerie.

Image Source: Tylynne Nguyen Website

Girl With Curves, For Girls of Any Size

This website has many curvy models with varying assets. This website knows how to show women how to flaunt whatever they have and boost their confidence to a whole new level.

Image Source: Girl With Curves

The Chriselle Factor, Exuding Elegance

A stylist by profession, Chriselle Lim shows her audiences how to style clothes that they already have. Also gives advice on other lifestyle topics like health and wellness.

Native Fox, All-Around Luxury Streetstyle

Ever tried looking great in street style? This blog is the best for you. The blog is really simple but their showpieces are among the most expensive brands.

The Style Scrapbook, Everything Women Needs about fashion

How can every woman be fashionable? The Style scrapbook shows just that. There are tips on beauty, health, and wellness as well.

See Also

Harper and Harley, Fashionable Minimalist

Minimalism is very trendy right now and will always be trendy for years to come. This blog shows how people could choose and keep a basic set of clothing pieces and create fashionable looks from that.

Rachel Parcell, For al the Fashionable Moms

Every mom wants a matching outfit with their little girls. This website shows tips for how mommies could look great while taking care of children!

Busbee Style, For the Boss Lady

Want to look great in the office without all those boxed-shaped coats and drabby colors? The Busbee Style shows women how to look great while being a boss lady.

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