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Why You Should Have a Self-Hosted Blog

Why You Should Have a Self-Hosted Blog

Websites including blogs continue to grow online. In 2017 alone, the number of websites that went live was almost 2.5 million with each having 3.7 users. This is concrete proof that blogs are now being recognized as a valuable resource by small companies and private individuals.

It’s a fact, though, that many people who are just starting a blog prefer to use the free blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogger. They have their own reasons for doing that such as being cost-effective and being able to avoid possible downtime. It’s understandable to do that for a start but if you have a blog that you’re bent on keeping for the long term and you want to earn income from, choosing the self-hosted route is a good option.
Startups and businesses of all sizes should also consider self-hosting. This way, they could show to their clients and followers that their site is a professional one and provides quality content that people can apply in their daily lives.

Self-hosting need not be complicated. It’s just a matter of doing your research and finding the best blog hosting company that can meet your needs. So what are the factors that you need to consider?

Hosting Cost

Utilizing a hosting company for your blog requires paying a fee on a regular basis. There are plenty available these days hence, it is a good idea to take time to check each in your list and compare their prices. Do take note that some hosting companies offer coupons or discounts in the bundled packages they offer such as those for a year’s subscription. That should save you money moving forward.


When choosing a hosting service, make sure that it guarantees your blog to load fast. Keep in mind that internet users today have short attention span and want sites to load in just two seconds or even less. Those who visit sites that don’t load right away often get discouraged and switch to other sites immediately. Research has shown that online shoppers remain loyal to site with fast loading pages.


Your blog’s security should be a priority hence do not overlook this factor when searching for the right hosting service. A secure blog needs to be protected from server shutdown and virus attacks. This may cost you more but a little investment in this aspect should give you your peace of mind knowing that your blog is up and running all the time.

Type of Server

Do get to know the type of server used by the hosting services you have shortlisted. Basically, there are four types of servers – shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud system. The shared server, as its name suggests, is shared with other subscribers hence, the cost is cheaper and your site may experience more downtime. The VPS type also shares space on the server but your space is cut off from other subscribers. Dedicated servers cost more and has less downtime while the cloud system is more secure and utilizes multiple servers in a network.

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Technical Support

Another thing to prioritize when looking for a hosting service is the technical support they offer to clients. Find out the availability of their customer support and if possible, stick to a service that offers 24/7 support whether through chat or email. It’s important that you get a quick response when your blog encounters technical issues.

There are several benefits to be enjoyed from a self-hosted blog. For one thing, you are able to create your own unique domain name and URL regardless of the type of blog you have.

Other Features

Other important features to look for include disk space, bandwidth, free domain names, drag and drop website builders, email accounts provided and data backups. Those who are still new to blogging should also consider easy installs.

It is worth investing in a hosting service to ensure that your blog has its own unique name and is up and running all the time. But again, do your research first before deciding on which company to subscribe to.

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