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Start Your Own Wedding Blog By New Years

Start Your Own Wedding Blog By New Years

how to start your own wedding blog

Almost everyone depends on the internet for their news source and their research expertise. That is no different for a couple planning a wedding. Soon-to-be brides and grooms will take to personal blogs, tweets, pins, and posts to find what has worked best for others in their shoes in an effort to plan a flawless wedding. Some are looking to recreate a blogger wedding, and others are simply searching for ideas to make their day as perfect as possible. 

Some may have a wedding coming up and want to start a blog to go along with it. Maybe a wedding planner wants to throw all of their tips and tricks into a blog. Whether a fashion blogger planning a wedding or an everyday girl who wants to share her wedding finds with an audience, here are a few tips and tricks on creating a wedding blog in a timely manner. 

Below is a step-by-step guide for creating a wedding blog before the New Year rolls around in less than 2 months.  

Step 1: Choose a Platform 

There a countless blogging platforms to choose from. Doing your own research is vital to determine which platform is right for you based on what they bring to the table. For a wedding blog, you will want a platform with lots of built-in functions so that you will not be bogged down with lots of work on the backend, and can focus on writing and researching the latest wedding trends. 

Step 2: Create a Domain Name

If the blog is to go along with a wedding planning business you already have, this step is pretty simple. However, if you are starting from scratch, you’ll have to decide what kind of a presence and vibe you want your blog to give off to future brides, grooms, and their families that are planning their weddings. Many platforms make it simple to purchase a domain name for a reasonable price. There are even some low-cost options that leave the platform name in them, such as “”, rather than “”. It is completely up to you, your goals, and your budget, but it is much sleeker to purchase your own domain name, such as the second example. 

Step 3: Start Writing

For any blogger on any topic, the biggest tip is to just write. Write about things you are passionate about. It should not feel forced. If wedding blogging is something you are passionate about, it will be easy to get going. This is where you will get to show off your style in regards to weddings, but also answer any frequently asked questions that you have seen in your experience, or maybe even asked for yourself while planning your own wedding. Editing may come as more of a project, but you have the ability to use platforms that have plug-ins to assist in that aspect to take the burden of perfecting your blogs off of you entirely.  

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Step 4: Go Live

Post your first blog and focus on making a schedule from there on out. Include all wedding festivities, tips, budget-friendly items, and anything under the sun for future brides and grooms. Couples local to your blog will want recommendations for scenic venues in the surrounding areas. Couples that are following your blog from miles away may want more recommendations for budget-friendly food items, floral arrangements, and mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom gifts for the day of. 

Step 5: Promote

This is the part where you take your blog to your social media platforms. Or even create new social accounts to focus specifically on your wedding blog. You can unapologetically ask your friends and family to share your blog to grow your following. This way, you focus on bringing new and relevant content to the table in your posts each day or week. The timing depends on the schedule you chose for yourself. There are plenty of tricks to grow your blog quickly. But the best advice is to create quality content and stay true to the blog you envision for yourself. For a wedding blog, this means staying on top of wedding trends. Plus, giving out great recommendations for each season, and bride must-haves. 


Now you know the basic steps of creating and starting a wedding blog. So, you can have it up and running before the start of the near year and wedding season!

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