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How To Turn Your Daily Life Into Content

How To Turn Your Daily Life Into Content

While many bloggers find themselves with a case of writer’s block, others have picked up the skill of turning daily life into entertaining content.

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There are several ways to turn your daily life into posts. Possibly the easiest way to do this is to look at the daily tasks you accomplish each day. For example, do you find yourself responding to readers’ questions or messages? Perhaps you can use as a potential blog post, especially if it is a question you get asked a lot. Or use a post as a chance to ask your readers a question. Who knows, your post could start a worthwhile discussion.

Alternatively, you could use your readers’ answers as a post in itself. The possibilities are truly endless and proves yet another reason why bloggers should work so hard to build an open relationship with their readers.

Another great idea on how to turn your daily life into successful blog posts is by doing a ‘day in the life’ format. Tell your audience about a normal day or a special day in your life. You can also concentrate on detailing a specific task depending on the type of post you are trying to achieve.

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Many successful blogs are using life events to create entertaining content. Big life events, such as marriages, births and loss can be the inspiration for some great writing. However, some bloggers are fearful of oversharing and shy away from this type of content. If you choose this avenue, make sure you understand the concept of cryptic writing. Beware that publicizing details of your personal life could come back to haunt you. For example, one divorce lawyer explained that social media activity and other online activities can be used in legal proceedings. If the content is something you wouldn’t want the world to see, you probably shouldn’t hit publish.

Another great idea on turning daily life into blogging content (and much more controversial) is interviewing someone that plays an important part in your life. This could be a spouse, child or coworker. Heck, it could even by your neighborhood mailman! Everyone has a story to tell, a good blogger will be able to find it!

There is no denying that daily life can inspire some great content that could entertain your readers and attract a bigger audience. What ways do you implement your daily life into your writing?

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