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Real Reasons Bloggers Flop & How to Use Failure to Fuel Your Comeback

Real Reasons Bloggers Flop & How to Use Failure to Fuel Your Comeback

There is no grand success without failure along the way and a wise person once said, “if you’ve never failed then you’re not trying hard enough.” Failure and disappointment are unfortunately important experiences in life which open the doorways to even greater accomplishments and enlightenment in whatever we pursue. In fact, the most attractive and enchanting stories of victory we will ever discover will always be accompanied by the antagonists’ fight to overcome obstacles bigger than they are. Its all part of life.

Reasons bloggers fail

Most bloggers never experience any great successes with their writing, its sad but true. However, its not because blogging as a practice is defunct, or that there’s some magic formula for success but its that many lack the mindset, drive, vision and attention to detail required by an industry which is driven by quality. Many bloggers hit roadblocks and simply quit before their time, some within as little as 3 months which points to a very dysfunctional approach and mindset towards the practice.

So when you hit the many obstacles, how do you maintain your composure, shake off the embarrassment and move on? How does one keep their eyes on the prize and keep hitting the spot? If you feel like you’re at the end of your road, before quitting, read on.

Successful Blogging Equals Long-Term Vision

The first thing you need to get into your head is that successful blogging takes a huge investment of time. Never, ever be fooled by the multitude of get traffic quick or get rich quick formulas that are out there. They don’t work. Sure there are ways of buying traffic to your site, buying likes to social networks or through the use of some other gimmick, but are any of those “bought” likes or users going to buy your product or read and engage your articles? No. Everyone who has tried these methods quickly realized that the instant they stop, traffic magically vanishes, which leaves us to truly ponder on the real value there.

I’m not saying there haven’t been any quick successes out there, they happen, but the odds are pretty much like winning the lottery now. So if you want to get it quickly with little effort then quit now. Go ahead, you have my permission.

Many of the popular bloggers who seem to have popped up overnight will share with you that their journey was mostly in the dark on long unpaved roadways meandering uphill. A favorite story of mine is from successful blogger Darren Rowse, who documents a part of his story here and now earns approximately over $200,000 per year from blogging. He divulges real and relatable challenges writers face online and in their personal lives and he persisted until victory.

I know I maybe ranting a bit but I need you to understand that the value you put into something is what you will gain. You won’t get what you haven’t paid for.

Document but Never Dwell

So the biggest reasons blogs fail is that bloggers quit because of unrealized results in earnings and failed traffic generation attempts. In my opinion and experience, these have been most common. The disappointment and feelings of failure crushes down to the soul but the question you should immediately ask yourself at the point of failure  is “What’s next?” Then proceed to ask:

  1. What can I do better to produce better results?
  2. Where did I go wrong and how do avoid making the same mistakes again?
  3. Are my expectations realistic?
  4. Am I writing about a topic of which I am really passionate and competent?

Doing this audit is important and documenting them and your failures are even more vitally important because writing them down solidifies your accountability. It makes clear the next steps towards solutions giving you the right vision to keep moving forward with your plans and strips away the emotions from the experience. Document, review, strategize and move on.

Never blindly quit on anything. Complete the audit and the truths will be revealed.

Don’t be Embarrassed, Everybody Fails

Everybody fails, we all do stupid things, we all have a few handicaps. You’re not alone. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

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Never Try to Copy Another Guy’s Model

Since public school, you’ve always been told to never be a copycat , well you’re hearing it again. Copying someone’s magical template for success will not get you very far. We’re all wired differently and one person’s success is going to be very different from another, even its from selling the same products. You’ve got to take time to figure out and mature into your own writing style, create your own voice and online personality which is in sync with your DNA. Sure there are certain foundation principles when it comes to producing great work but you need to devise your own template.

If you’re not being yourself then you’re not genuine and it comes out in your writing. It takes great effort following someone else and going against your own nature, many bloggers have found themselves worn out because of this. You can’t be the next  (successful blogger you admire), you’ve got to be you, trust your gut and find your own success in whichever niche which makes your heart sing. Your passion may not be mainstream but your ideas expressed genuinely via your DNA will hit the right spots with the right audience.

Focus on Productivity & Reward Yourself

I talk about productivity and avoiding procrastination a lot, maybe because I have been and is still a victim of this disease. Like an addict I wean myself daily from my old ways, its a daily struggle. Being productive in the little things matter more than how you approach the big things. Publish that article diligently daily, weekly, whatever you decide, connect with every single persons who comments on your blog or responds to a tweet. Get the little things done now.

Procrastination is a dream killer and putting off work which can be done today to grow your blog will kill your drive and be disastrous for your journey.

If you can conquer each daily task you will eventually wake up one day and find yourself a champion. It won’t happen overnight, it might be 6 months, a year or even two. Just stick to it. Tomorrow’s opportunities never die, your past failures are already dead.

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