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How You Can Use Twitter Communities To Boost Your Blog

How You Can Use Twitter Communities To Boost Your Blog

Recently, Twitter has launched its latest feature “Twitter Communities” for users to try. This is in hopes to boost user engagement and stimulate discussions among its users. This is an interesting feature that a lot of bloggers may find handy. How can we use Twitter communities to boost our blogs?

Like Facebook Groups, Twitter users now can get together and discuss similar interests and ideas. The only difference is that anything posted on a Twitter community page is still available to the public. This is compared to similar features in other platforms where moderators have an option to choose a group’s privacy settings.

The general idea of using Twitter Communities to boost blog traffic is straightforward. In fact, the rules can be applied to using any social media platform to market blogs.

Here are a few tips on how you could optimize Twitter Communities to boost your blog traffic:

Create a Twitter account for your Website

A website’s presence on Twitter is normal. In fact, a lot of brands use social media to update their readers on their latest content. If you are a blogger who wants to maximize Twitter communities to boost your blog, you need to create a Twitter account first. It might be even better to create a Twitter account for the website, instead of your personal account as a blogger. If you have a personal blog and you use your personal Twitter account to manage and market your blog, then perhaps that would suffice.

If you already have a “Twitter presence” then using the Twitter Communities feature would be easy for you. This means that you already have an established and stabilized activity on Twitter and some followers can already recognize you.

Let users share your content

The idea of the Twitter Community is pretty much like that of a forum. If other users find that they can trust your insights, then your ideas can be valued in discussions. This also makes your content so much more shareable not only within the community but outside of it as well.

Follow Interesting People

Since the beginning of time, everyone really values the opinions and ideas of “people who know people”. This may show that you are heavily influenced, and that famous people think the same as you. Join Communities that these famous people also joined. Follow people, who are actively on Twitter, you know share the same ideas to your content. You’ll never know, they might follow you back.

Join communities that share your interests

The main point of the Twitter Communities is to stimulate discussions among people with similar interests. It is its goal to put together “like-minded people”, based on search algorithms. It is creating a healthy “community” where ideas could be shared in a non-hostile environment. What is great is that users are allowed to search communities that they want to join. They are also allowed to create their own communities.

Use this to your advantage. Search for widely followed communities within the same theme or genre of your blog. Start conversations with people you know would be interested in your content. Asking questions is always a good way to start conversations.

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Moderate your own Twitter Community

If you can’t find the perfect Twitter Community that represents your themes and niches, then why not moderate your own? Invite people you know to share the same interests. Use hashtags to gain attention. Make your Twitter Community highly engaging, and interesting.

Exhaust all avenues for communication, engage with others

A good leader once said that before you start talking business, you must let your investors feel that you are interested in them beyond work. Get personal with community members by commenting on their posts, hosting Twitter chats, or even exchanging email addresses with them. Do not limit your communication just to 140 characters.


This is the Golden Rule in any online presence – you never spam. The audience needs to know that there are interesting people behind your blog. Also, we want new readers to discover your blog because they are interested in your content. Now, if we continuously spam the communities with our posts, it might get your account banned. This could, in turn, create a negative image for you and your blog. In all aspects, never spam.

What can we do instead? Of course, we could strategically choose when and what we post. Choose a time and a frequency to share your content. It is best to find conversations where you could link back to your blog seamlessly. It’s like citing it as a reference rather than randomly posting your blog’s link in the comments.

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