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Useful, but Unknown, Websites Every Blogger Must Know

Useful, but Unknown, Websites Every Blogger Must Know

A blogger’s job is difficult. There are so many tasks and skills to learn and do, and you have to be improving yourself at all times. There are a good number of websites that bloggers must know, but a lot of these come with a price. And, there are also a good number of times that we think we don’t need help from random websites, but it turns out we actually do.

If you are looking for a few underrated, but good, websites that could help you in your blogging journey, these websites are the best for you.

For Content Generation

Uber Suggest by Neil Patel

Ubersuggest is created by SEO expert, Neil Patel. This website is intended to help bloggers in generating keyword ideas for their content marketing. Simply type in a keyword, and the website will provide high-success suggestions based on competitor performance. Why do we need this? We all know how important keyword management is for maximum SEO success.

Answer Socrates

Are you feeling like you have nothing to write? This is a good website to visit for content ideas. Simply type in a topic, and the website will generate all the questions that users have typed in on search engines about it. It is important to note that these are questions that real people are asking Google, so the chances that your topic will get picked up by Google SERP are going to be high. On top of that, you can also create varied content on a single topic, based on what users are asking about it. It is a very helpful content generation tool.

Tip of my Tongue

Some people call it a writer’s block, we call it a writer’s obstacle. Sometimes, the flow of our content is affected by the times we can’t find the best ways to write the words down. We experience this multiple times in the course of our blogging careers and finding that word at the tip of your tongue is challenging. Thankfully, we have this tool to help us.

For Social Media


We have to admit that, as bloggers, social media hashtags help us get more organic traffic. Gravtag is a website that helps us generate good hashtags that will help us reach more people on Instagram. But, we can also use it to generate hashtags for other social media platforms.


If you are looking for a way to download TikTok videos without the watermark, and in HD quality, SnapTik is one of the best apps for you to download. It can also help you bookmark your favorite TikTok videos. For bloggers, content on social media platforms like this helps create new content.

For Graphics and editing


In one way or another, as bloggers, we would need to edit images to use for our content. Whether it is a commons resource or a photo you have taken yourself, editing will bring more life to your images. However, Photoshop can be a little overwhelming to use. On top of that, the licenses can get pretty expensive. So for newbie bloggers out there, Photopea is one of the best photo editing resources you could use.

The Noun Project

If designing your blog is also one daunting task you have, the Noun Project is a good resource for you. They have generic icons and photos for, as they claim, everything. If you are on a tight design budget and want to save up a few bucks for images and icons, try searching this website and you might find just what you need.


Again, photo-editing can be an overwhelming task, and simply removing an image’s background can do so much for us to lessen our load. This website offers its services for free with no download or signups required. However, signing up for an account can also be helpful for more perks.


Are you looking for a tool that will help you in your design projects? This might be a helpful resource for you. Subscription does come with a fee, but rest assured that it is affordable.



Every blogger needs a tool to help in boosting SEO. There is a multitude of resources available on the internet, but Spyfu gives just about the same performance as expensive tools out there. This website helps in providing comparative analysis between your and your competitor’s website.

Link Whisper

Building internal links can be a tricky job, but Link Whisper is a simple but useful app you could use for this. It could be downloaded and installed as a plugin for your website. Then, it would generate suggested (highly relevant) links to your new posts based on your content history.

SEO Minion

A good browser plugin, this is a great sidekick to any blogging job. It helps bloggers perform SEO tasks that look and feels menial, but does so much improvement to a blog or website. It could be downloaded and installed to your browser completely free.

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Google Trust

For Time Management


Let’s be honest, time management is one of the biggest obstacles any content creator or blogger has. With so much content to be planned and written, on top of everything that needs to be edited, posted, promoted, etc, you need a tool to help you manage your time. It may just be a simple countdown timer, but it works wonders for you to manage your time well.


A lot of online blogging work is done remotely, and if you are managing a team, it could be difficult to track down the time everyone has worked throughout a period. Clockify is a good way to help you build a timesheet for your workers across all your projects.


They say that it takes 30 days to form a habit, but that 30 days is always a challenge. There are times that we feel our work is overwhelming with the number of competition on the internet. But, do not fret as Habitica will help you form habits you never knew you could have.

For other random stuff


Research is a big task every content creator and blogger needs to face daily. And, reading resources all over can take a significant amount of time for us. Outline is a great tool that could help us annotate content from the internet.


Keeping our focus during work can be a challenging thing with all the distractions surrounding us. If you have a deadline to meet, focusing gets even harder. Noisli can help us find relaxing sounds to help us with our focus.


Of course, typing speed is still one important skill we all must learn as bloggers. It may seem minor and simple, but a faster typing speed makes so much difference in meeting goals and targets.

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