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What Is Wattpad? Is the Platform Worth a Professional Blogger’s Time?

What Is Wattpad? Is the Platform Worth a Professional Blogger’s Time?

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What is Wattpad? This is something a lot of writers wonder about during their initial days. Is it worth their time? Does it have any fruitful outcomes? Well, if you are a writer or a professional blogger, perhaps the time has come to get acquainted with the platform.

To put it in simple words, Wattpad is the perfect sharing social media platform for bloggers to chat with others, comment on their stories and use the experience of learning more about other authors to improve their writing.

With over 94 million users worldwide and stories written in over 50 languages, the Wattpad community is vast and rapidly growing. Winning a “Watty Award” can be a coveted honor for many writers, as it can lead to a movie deal or even a published book. This is what happened with one of the Watty Award winners, The Kissing Booth, which became a movie, and the author’s name became known as a household name.

Many professional writers have used Wattpad to gain exposure and engagement for their work, with some even going on to work on Hollywood projects. Given its sheer scale and influence, it’s evident that this is not a platform to ignore. Want to learn more about what makes it worth your time? Read on.

What is Wattpad: Everything You Need to Know

Keep one thing in mind. This app is not merely for writers. It’s equally lucrative for the readers too. It is a community where new authors and well-known writers alike can come together to tell their tales. One of the things that set Wattpad apart is its partnership with Project Gutenberg, a digital library featuring public domain books.

Thanks to this partnership, Wattpad boasts a library of over 17,000 stories, providing a plethora of options for readers. While the platform is open to anyone with an interest in reading and writing, its primary user base consists of high school students and young adults. As a result, popular genres on Wattpad tend to lean towards fanfic, sci-fi, fantasy, and romance stories.

Wattpad is an online platform where the creative minds of people come together and share their stories with readers from all over the world. The platform was initially developed in December of 2006 and since then has become a hub for writers and avid readers alike.

But it’s not just a place to share your stories with others. Wattpad is particularly adept at helping new authors hone their writing skills by providing them with a constructive environment where they can receive feedback from other people.

What Makes Wattpad a Suitable Platform for Bloggers and Writers?

By now, you must have gotten a fair idea of what Wattpad exactly is and how it works. The question is, what benefits it has to offer to bloggers and writers? Why should a professional blogger consider using Wattpad to share his thoughts and ideas? Well, for one thing, you cannot underestimate the ease and convenience it offers to writers in terms of creativity. It primarily offers three stages. Here’s a look at them.


The first step is to create your story. This platform offers you the freedom to write in whatever genre speaks to you. The list of genres is pretty comprehensive, so you will have many options to consider. With Wattpad, you have the choice to shoot from the hip or take advantage of the many writing resources provided on the platform. You can use their tools to shape your story and develop it into something even more amazing.

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Once you have written your content, it’s time to focus on building your fan base. Yes, the platform has more than 70 million readers from all over the world. But this stage depends a lot on the quality of your content. Remember, you will not be able to tap into the potential audience unless you work on the quality of your content and pay some attention to its promotion too.


After your work gains the recognition you have been hoping for, you can even monetize it. Don’t forget, the top stories even have a chance of scoring a publishing or movie deal.

So now you are aware of how Wattpad can help your content reach the masses. It’s time to shed some light on other benefits and features you can avail of via the platform.

  • For starters, it makes formatting a breeze. You can write your content with utmost convenience on Wattpad, considering the many tools and templates it has.
  • The platform hosts numerous writing content regularly. So, there’s a chance for you to be noticed, gauge the quality of your work and win a prize in the process too.
  • Do you know that Wattpad has its own awards ceremony? Yes, you read that right. The platform does not miss any opportunity to celebrate its writers.
  • An annual conference is hosted by Wattpad, which provides authors with an opportunity to connect, share tips and find mentorship opportunities.
  • Most writers are worried that they will lose rights to their work if they publish it on Wattpad. This couldn’t be farther from reality. The platform goes out of its way to protect your interests. Hence, all your writing will be protected by copyright upon being published. Not only that, you can remove it from the platform and publish it wherever you want without any restrictions.
  • Professional bloggers often struggle to attract traffic to their websites, which makes generating revenue challenging. Wattpad can help you with the much-needed exposure, thereby giving you the audience you need to get your point across.

The best thing about Wattpad is that it helps you grow as a writer. If you are a professional blogger, you must know this. There’s always room for improvement. And you can use the numerous free resources on the platform to enhance your growth.

Let Your Audience Grow with Wattpad

What is Wattpad? It’s a platform that enables you to reach out to the masses. So do not miss out on this opportunity. Of course, there are limitations when it comes to genres, and a professional blogger might find it hard to find his niche audience initially. However, considering the extent of its reach, you can always count on it to provide you with ample exposure.

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