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What Is WordPress Live Chat and How Do You Implement It?

What Is WordPress Live Chat and How Do You Implement It?

WordPress Live Chat

The need for communication is an inherent human trait ever since we all began twisting our tongues in weird ways and coming up with odd symbols. Nowadays, basic communication often becomes an afterthought in this day and age where any information you want is just a keyword away. However, basic communication certainly hasn’t lost its efficiency and something you can still utilize on your blog with the WordPress live chat.

The WordPress live chat, or just live chat, is a function or widget for websites that allow direct communication between the website proprietors and the visitors. This makes it easy to ask questions and obtain more specific information.

You’re probably already familiar with live chat too; they merely look like a social media app messenger and also function like one but with less security.

Not all websites should have this, of course; certain blog types benefit more from live chat modules.

A good example of which blog need a WordPress live chat would be a business website. Anything that sells products, services, or software to visitors could use the added benefit of live chat; many businesses connect their live chat to sales or customer service personnel so they can handle the queries faster than with emails.

Another kind of website would be those that dabble in coaching where the webmaster or blog owner can grant you time for one-on-one tutorials. Now, if you think that your website can benefit from a live chat, then by all means.

We’ve prepared a good selection of live chat plugins or software for you to choose from. No need to code and go about it the hard way.


LiveChat is the most popular method or plugin on this list. Even its name is pretty straightforward and will just about pop up in many search results. As one of the leading industry standards for, well, live chatting, LiveChat allows for maximum compatibility with many different operating systems.

WordPress Live Chat

That means you or any of your chat support representatives can use LiveChat on phones and tablets without having to go to the WordPress dashboard. LiveChat also handles business quite well and allows users to create and send support tickets in case of disputes or any other needs. The downside is that LiveChat is not free and only has a 2-week trial.


For those who are starting out and don’t have the capital for big tools like LiveChat, FreshChat might come in handy. It’s a free plugin that also gives your website a decent live chat. Every account you have in FreshChat can have as many as 10 agents handling the support and talking.

The good part about FreshChat is that it doesn’t skimp on integration despite being free. You can connect it to Slack and many other communication tools with messengers. This way, they can easily reply to any visitor or user with a query or concern.


Sendinblue isn’t exactly a plugin but more of a custom code that is still just as easy to install and set like a plugin. In any case, it provides a ton of features and then some; Sendinblue is not just a live chat but also a good email marketing tool for business-level transactions.

WordPress Live Chat

Think of it as more like an all-in-one marketing tool with a live chat. It’s perfect for those that require marketing aid from an app but also a live chat function. The live chat feature in the meantime, despite not being dedicated compared to the others in this list, is good enough. Now, bear in mind that Sendinblue does not offer free services and can get pricey.


SmartSupp is another tool that you ought to look at if you’re in the market for some free live chat tools. It’s a chat support plugin at its core with a built-in analytics system that records your message exchanges with customers and visitors.

WordPress Live Chat

Apparently, this lets you study or re-read those messages so you can better plan on improving your business. While SmartSupp is free, costs will start the more agents you bring in behind the live chat; if that’s the case you’ll have to pay the tool’s premium which is around $8 per agent you add at the receiving end.

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Olark is originally not plugin but is nevertheless easy to install as a WordPress live chat. It will give you a code that you can copy and paste on your WordPress sidebar widget and voila. Now, because some users are not this techy enough, Olark was kind enough to provide some bloggers with a plugin version which is even easier to install.

Apart from the standard fare or live chat, you also get good integration with many services like Zendesk or even Salesforce. Olark can also be connected with many third-party apps so you can access it and its messages from your smartphone, it works with both Android and iPhone.

Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat is among the easiest to activate in this list and that’s saying something for a plugin. Managing your chats is also done easily through apps downloadable in iOS and Android. Even if you’re offline or can’t reply, the messages will then be sent to your inbox so no query gets left out.

Last but not least, you can customize the chat boxes in Tidio, making them appear more unique and appealing in your visitors’ eyes. Tidio Live Chat is free for one agent and requires a pricey $16.90/month for each additional agent.

Zendesk Chat

The name Zendesk definitely rings a bell for some of us. It’s a leading help desk software provider in the industry and only recently has it acquired its own WordPress live chat from a company named Zopim. They have since changed Zopim to their very own and personalized Zendesk Chat.

How does this new kid on the block fare? Smoothly! It has some of the most flawless support software integration among live chat modules. You’ll also be pleased to know that they offer A.I. chatbots and advanced analytics. It’s free if you only have one agent but any more than that and you’ll have to get the premium.

Now, take your pick and start communicating well with your visitors!

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