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Why Blogging is Important

Why Blogging is Important

why blogging is important

The United States has the most bloggers in the world. So, when Covid-19 started, many turned to blogs and online platforms not only to escape the pandemic but also to make a living with such a large number of companies laying their employees off.


Contrary to popular belief, blogging is shared by all ages, not dominated by younger generations. Anyone from a high school cheerleader to the grandmother of a high school cheerleader can start a blog about something that brings forth their passion. That passion is shared by readers and writers of all ages. The demographic that is reading the most blogs is between the ages of 31-40. Not so coincidentally, those 31-40 years old are leaders in big corporations who are starting to grow their marketing strategies through blogging. 

Where to Start?

Blogging allows people of all ages and backgrounds to have a voice and share their passions. It can be exactly what you want it to be, and typically, you have complete creative control.  

Having a personal blog can definitely give you creative control if you crave it. Blogging will also force you to think about anything and everything, it may even force you to go a bit out of your comfort zone

Companies use blogging as a part of their marketing strategy. This is with good reason as more than 70% of internet users read blogs regularly. With businesses using the blog marketing strategy, they are grabbing customers’ attention without blatantly trying to sell them an idea or product. The blog is simply there to inform and sometimes entertain. Each article or blog entry can gain exposure and create a new index for search engines to use on a daily basis. This means Google will be able to use those keywords to drive more traffic to your site. 

Companies can also use blogging to continuously stay on top of updates. If there are employees within the company sending out blogs once or twice a week about all of the changes happening within the office and around the company as a whole, you no longer have to worry about those updates falling behind on your website. If something changes, it’s in the latest post. So, it will be read and your site can stay free of any unnecessary jumble. This will not only keep your company’s site easy to use but also clean and sleek. All of the updates will be in the blog! 

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Whether you are learning from someone who has a different hobby from you or your rival company has a blog, you are always in a learning environment. If multiple nearby businesses read each other’s blogs, they will not only learn more about their competitors but learn more about the public they are trying to reach. Blogging from an agency and business standpoint does not mean you need to compete with another agency. But you’ll be able to use their entries to search within your own company. You can use it to see what you’re doing well. Or what they may be excelling in that you could learn from. The benefits within your company are endless. You will always be in a position to learn more. 

Personal Growth

Blogging gives you an outlet to post your own, organic work. This can serve as a way to build your portfolio. Many authors begin as a way to not only showcase, but hone their writing skills. For someone who is on the hunt for their first writing job, a blog is the best way to go. You will automatically have content for your portfolio and you’ll have the statistics to prove which of your entries has been better received by your peers. 


Blogging has proven to be not only productive for personal growth, but for business growth as well. The benefits far outweigh to drawbacks, and you’ll even be able to add it to your portfolio and resume. Almost everyone you meet will be involved in a blog in one way or another. Whether that be writing posts or reading them, it’s evident how important they have become to society.  

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