Why You Should Try a Post Series For Your Blog

Why You Should Try a Post Series For Your Blog

Creating a post series for your blog can be done with almost any niche. There does not have to be a true crime, or gossip train associated with your blog to create a series that readers will look forward to following along with and reading. 

A blog post series is a set of blog posts that go along with each other in the form of a story or connected information. A stand-alone blog can be viewed on its own and make perfect sense without ever reading another piece from the author. Reading a post from a blog series will be much more difficult to follow along with if you have not read the previous pieces, if in the middle or end. 


Blogging meets Docuseries

When you think about your favorite docuseries on any one of the many streaming services out today you typically would want to binge all of them in one day. If you happen to be one of the first on the scene you may have to wait a week for each new episode, like in the old days. The same can be true for a blog post series. Maybe a reader will find it the day it is published and will be itching to read the next until it is published. On the other hand, you may have readers that are able to devour the entire series in one sitting because they found it after the fact. 



Whether you are a fashion blogger, or you truly do have your hands in the true crime stories of late, a post series is an option for your blog. A series does not by nature have to be suspenseful, it can simply be entertaining or informative as well. 


Creating a series for your readers to follow along with will give an automatic reason to interact and engage with your audience via social media, blog comments, and emails. This will keep your established readers coming back, while also grabbing new readers along the way to expand your reach. 


Examples of post series in unexpected niches: 

Fashion Post Series

As easy as showcasing your shopping itinerary for the coming week. Maybe you have a trip coming up that you want to bring your readers along with. Any excuse to post more than your normal volume will not only excite readers but give you as the writer the opportunity to grab a new audience. 


Sports Post Series

It seems self-explanatory how many sports series there are, but a sports blog does not have to stop there. A sports blogger can make a series out of just about anything pertaining to sports including a certain lifestyle section for specific athletes, maybe two powerhouses are getting married and you are following that, or maybe a prolific program is having a bit of an unusual season and you want to focus there. Their possibilities are endless with sports. 


Makeup Post Series

Makeup and cosmetics are a fun niche to follow and write for because of the vastness of topics relating to the makeup world. Bloggers can create series related to a brand deal, or a challenge related to trying new products for their audience. In the age of social media influencers, makeup is an even more popular topic to write for and follow due to the brand deals seen recently including trips across the world, and high dollar payouts

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Lifestyle/Travel Post Series

A post series related to travel could arguably produce the easiest-to-maintain topics, while lifestyle can have travel as a post series, among others. Lifestyle can be anything and everything related to life. The ups and downs of dating, learning your way around a new town, friendships, and plenty more. Travel bloggers can write about their travels along different parts of the world. The food they ate, mountains climbed, shopping sprees, tourist must-dos, and more. 


Food Post Series

Speaking of food, the possibilities can seem endless. Whether you are writing a wordier blog relating to a relationship with food, or your adventures finding different food, or have a how-to blog featuring mainly recipes, a post series is definitely a possibility. For how-to-guide recipes, a post series can surround a specific season, holiday, or time of year that hosts, party-goers and socializing kings and queens alike will be able to gravitate to. 



Creating a blog post series will be a great way to produce new engagement with your audience, expand your audience reach, and much more. Consider branching out from your posting routine and see what benefits you may reap with a post series. 

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