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Yoga Blogs to Check Out for World Yoga Day 2021

Yoga Blogs to Check Out for World Yoga Day 2021

World Yoga Day 2021 will be celebrated this coming June 21st. It was established by the United Nations as a means of advocating for mental health and well-being. The goal of this year’s Yoga Day is “Be with yoga, be at home”. With all the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders from the pandemic, people have a lot of built-up stress and anxiety. A lot of people are currently in between jobs and have also been suffering financially. Creating an immunity from stress and negative energy is essential to battle mental illnesses that can be triggered by all these experiences.

What better way to celebrate World Yoga Day 2021 than be inspired by Yoga blogs? Here are some of the best:

The Bad Yogi Blog

This blog explains that yoga is truly a personal journey and that there is no true way to follow its practices. Your own unique yoga experiences is what makes up your spiritual journey. The blog is very personal but the author of the blog makes sure that the readers are involved in her every post. It discusses topic on how she meditates before sleeping, how she dealt with her Post-partum depression, and more. What makes the blog great is how real and relatable the posts are.

Daily Cup of Yoga

This blog treats yoga as a fitness routine as a bonus to having a spiritual journey. It discusses the gears to use and apps to download for the best yoga experience. The blog also has a shop for DVDs, books, and mats for every yoga practitioner.

The Journey Junkie

This is a personal blog from a yogi named Allie. She posts different yoga flows and practices to target certain ailments and needs. For instance she has a yoga class for bloating, for healing, for stretching, and more. She also posts about retreats for people who need more than just the yoga experience but the travel as well.

Yoga Matters Blog

What is great about this blog is that it thrives in uniqueness and diversity. They even go to the lengths of featuring their models – men and women of different color, age, and size. The blog also shares with its readers various yoga holidays that they can join in.

Yogi Approved

There are so many topics to read about yoga and this blog has everything! The posts are about what a yogic diet is, how kids can enjoy yoga, and the like. But it also discusses more stuff that are not for yoga beginners. For instance, the blog discusses about the symbolic meanings of certain poses, breathing, and more. There are even posts on how to be one with the environment and how to create healthier ecosystems.

Mind Body Green

This blog focuses more on health and clean eating that yogics must do to regain their strength. Cleanliness is not just in the mind and soul, it is also for the body. How can we obtain a healthier state of mind if we eat so much junk, right?

Manifest Station

Manifesting was such a trend in 2020 that it is still important for 2021. How do we attract positivity in our lives? This blog takes up topics beyond yoga and mental wellness. It is the perfect concoction of activisim, self-care, life, the body, meditation, and more.

The Curvy Yoga Blog

Who said yogics should have a specific body shape and body type? This blog discusses yoga in conjunction to body acceptance and neutrality. Health and fitness is not measured by a person’s body shape. As long as you eat healthy and maintain good fitness practices, life is good. Living and loving life is not about having a small waist.

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Yogi Times

If you like writing news, but want to learn about yoga related news, the Yogi times is a good inspiration.

Fitness Yoga

Fitness is not just about losing wait and having toned muscles. It is about removing all pains in the body – muscle aches, joint pains, head aches, bloating, and more. This blog have classes fit for all these needs. It also shows benefits of doing yoga in one’s life.

Hugger Mugger

The goal of the Hugger Mugger is to not only provide great yoga classes but to also provide great yoga equipment. They offer bolsters, mats, and yoga wear for everyone.

The Yoga Lunchbox

There are four focuses on this blog – starting yoga, teaching yoga, awakening with yoga, and deepening experience with yoga. All the articles revolve around these categories. Readers can read through the blog in levels depending on where they are in their yoga journey.

Man Flow Yoga

Yoga is not just for women. There are actually a lot of men that do practice yoga. The moves can be a little different as flexibility and stretch varies among the body types but it is a great place for guy yogics to enjoy yoga.

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