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1938 Media inks deal with Verizon

1938 Media inks deal with Verizon

Loren Feldman is having a busy week. Yesterday, 1938 Media inked a deal with Verizon Wireless to carry his content on their VCast network, according to this post at TechCrunch. Feldman confirmed the news later in the day yesterday with a brief video post.

At TechCrunch, Arrington writes of the deal:

But starting today Verizon Wireless’ 3 million mobile VCast users will have access to Feldman’s video content on their phone, as well as 1 million Fios broadband cable subscribers via video on demand. The deal, which will pay Feldman an undisclosed license fee, puts the 1938Media brand next to YouTube, and other high profile partners.

Effectively Verizon has created a 1938Media channel and has given Feldman the ability to bring in third party video content as well. To start, Mahalo Daily, Revision3, Ze Frank and Jay Grandin content will be included.

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The deal is interesting because it piles on more fuel to the fire that Feldman has used the entire puppet “scandal” in order to secure more traffic for himself and the sites that he produces content for – but also because it continues to show how he’s been able to use this situation to better himself and his firm – as opposed to the puppet “victims” – who clearly have not.

I’m not a Verizon subscriber (I use an iPhone and have cable internet) – so I won’t be able to see Loren’s content in this form factor – but it will be interesting to watch what sort of content he develops exclusively for them – and how that content performs on their network.

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