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8 Best New York Lifestyle and Fashion Blogs

8 Best New York Lifestyle and Fashion Blogs

New York is home to numerous fashion companies including shops and plays hosts to various fashion shows each year. The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) has noted that some 900 fashion firms have their headquarters in the Big Apple. It added that yearly, the city attracts more than half a million visitors who attend fashion trade shows, showrooms and fashion shows. It is also well known for its Fashion Week held every February and September.

This being the case, it is no surprise that New York City boasts of having some of the best lifestyle and fashion blogs. Here are some of the NYC bloggers from where you can get wardrobe
inspiration whether for casual or special occasions and useful tips on where to shop for your clothes, jewelry and other accessories.

Lifestyle Blogs

Many people today, particularly women, are documenting their lives through blogging. Their blogs have been a source of useful information and inspiration among those who want to get to know about the lifestyle in New York City.

Bushwick Daily

Authored by Katarina Hybenova, Bushwick Daily documents everything that’s happening in the area of Bushwick in Brooklyn. Launched in 2010, the blog has become a popular source for locals who want to get to know the culture and community in the neighborhood. Hybenova herself got endeared to the place and its people prompting her to start her blog. She, however, stressed that her site’s main objective is to provide important information that goes beyond the trends.

The Lo-Down

This blog focusing on Manhattan’s Lower East Side covers everything from food, culture and the arts to breaking news. Founded by Traven Rice and Ed Litvak who both have backgrounds on news and film, the site also provides in-depth information on small businesses and development projects in the area.

The Coney Island Blog

Residents and visitors of Coney Island rely on this blog for updates on what’s happening on the island. Information provided on the site cover important developments such as those in the hot dog business, new and existing businesses, job postings and updates from the city councilman.

West Side Rag

This blog is a reliable source of news and events in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It shares information on both new and old businesses including those that are closing shop as well as local happenings. An interesting section of the blog called Absurdity offers updates on the strange and ridiculous things taking place in the neighborhood.

Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs these days are providing style inspiration not only to adults but also to teens. Bloggers passionate about dressing up in style indeed are major influencers that attract a great following online. Here are some of the NYC bloggers from where you can get wardrobe inspiration whether for casual or special occasions and useful tips.


Kelly Framel is the woman behind the Glamourai blog. Her site is a one-stop shop offers information on the current fashion trends, unique do-it-yourself (DIY) outfits and great shots of her various outfits.

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12ish Style

This blog is managed by Katie Sturino who provides practical and aspirational fashion style tips. The author also injects humor in her posts which makes reading a fun experience.

Natalie Off Duty

The Natalie Off Duty’s blog shares valuable information and tips for dressing up in style. Authored by former model, Natalie Lim Suarez, the site is a great online resource for women who want to get inspiration from someone involved in the fashion industry.

Man Repeller

The blog’s name may not ring a bell but it is authored by a woman named Leandra Medine. The site offers fashion inspiration that is different from the usual and the trendy.

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