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Advantages of Blogging For a Network

Advantages of Blogging For a Network

So I have been a full time, network paid blogger for the last two and a quarter years now, and one thing I have realized is that there are many advantages to working for a network.

I realized early on that I wasn’t the type of person that could get to the full time earnings level working for myself. I am not very good at monetization, or search engine optimization, and when I first started blogging, I really wasn’t very good at anything. Slowly, as I have gone along, my abilities have grown and evolved, but I can still remember how things were when I first started, and I am glad I took the route that I did.


One of the things that many bloggers don’t realize is how much time is used up doing things outside of just writing posts. There is marketing, hosting, software, search engine optimization, editing, research, networking, promotion, and a whole slew of other tasks that can quickly eat up your day. Having a team, like we do at Splashpress Media, helps spread the work around, and lets people concentrate on their specialties.


I didn’t know about all the extra things that need to happen on a blog. I figured I research, write, and publish, and things would eventually take care of themselves. I knew a bit about WordPress, and plugins, but to no where near the extent that I have to deal with the popular blogging platform today. Also, securing advertisers was never my job, and so I just kept on pushing out posts. Without the support of others, I doubt the blogs I wrote on ever would have gotten some serious traction online.

I was able to learn from these people that surrounded me. I began to learn more about server administration, search engine optimization, marketing, advertising, and promotion. These skills continue to help make me a better blogger, and while I would have had to learn them on my own if I wasn’t in a network, I doubt that I could have spent as much time refining them as I have been able to.

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Of course the biggest advantage for me was the immediate transition. Unlike most bloggers, I went from a full time job, right into full time blogging. To me, that was huge! I used to blog during my free time, but now, with a network supporting me, I could blog all day, and during my free time, I could blog some more. Sure it was long hours, and the income was fairly small at first, but being able to transition how I did was a very liberating and rewarding experience in and of itself.


If you are looking at becoming a paid blogger, being backed by a network or company is a really great feeling and just might get you to your dream of working part time or full time as a blogger faster than you would be able to on your own. Check out for opportunities that might suit your interests.

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