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Become a Local Blogging Celebrity with LinkedIn

Become a Local Blogging Celebrity with LinkedIn

Linkedin Local There are a number of social media sites that have captured the hearts and attention span of the modern world. Internet users rely on social networking a great deal for any number of tasks, originally personal but not more along the lines of professional. In fact, using such sites for self promotion, business networking and marketing is becoming second nature to the site genre.

Some sites have been created specifically for this purpose, and one of the most well known is LinkedIn. Well established, full of people in every industry and very beneficial, you probably already have an account or have thought about getting one. It is recommended, as a quick means of making connections with others in relevant industries, or just maintaining and easily accessible online resume.

But beyond that, LinkedIn can provide a fantastic method of local marketing. This is a means of targeting a local audience to become a kind of celebrity of sorts to those in your immediate area. This is much more simple to achieve than gaining a mass notoriety within your industry.

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What Is A Local Celebrity?

Imagine you are watching daytime television. A commercial comes on for an attorney who works in your area, taking care of accident claims and small disputes. They have been running TV ads for ages, and everything pretty much knows who they are whether they need an attorney or not.

That is a local celebrity. Someone out of the immediate area would have no idea who they were. In the wider country’s business world, they are an unknown entity; just another attorney. Trying to make them a national name would be next to impossible, but in their city and state they will always be one of the people potential customers think of first, if only by habit.

Local Brand Building

This is a tactic you can use. Maybe not through TV ads (though if you choose, it is certainly an option), but rather through establishing yourself as a local expert. LinkedIn can be the perfect tool to do this. You can search out local connections in your industry, or anything related that might need your expertise.

Her’s a great tip from Tom is the local blogger behind VIP Realty Dallas:

Once you have built a small network of locals, start keeping up with them. Answer their statuses and posts, join their Facebook or Twitter pages if they have them, offer through your own account free calls and consultations. Maybe even start up a local chat group that meets at a coffee house. I have known some who do a monthly night out for people in their industry, getting dinner, going bowling, doing picnics for family…it is a very fast and simple way of getting to know people.

This will help you to build a social brand, fostering relationships on a local level. It is much more beneficial than struggling to become a blip on the global radar.

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You might be fighting the impulse to stretch yourself as far as possible. But while a global network has endless contact possibilities, it is also filled with endless competition. It is easy to get lost in the crowd, and just being unique or experienced isn’t enough to stick out with so many faces looming in cyber space.

Building a local market is a much easier way to establish yourself as an expert and build a strong customer base. It is also crucial to building customer loyalty, which will pay off a great deal in the future.

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for this process, so sign up today and get started.

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